Get in a California state of mind with Pacific Sunwear, the mall staple geared toward Gen-Z consumers. PacSun recently opened a pop-up shop in London, testing the waters of international retail and aligning with brands who share a certain style and target a similar ‘digitally-savvy’ demographic, according to Pacsun’s president. The retailer provides an exceptional experience on mobile and web, where it goes further than most brands on the Index and received a perfect score at treating customer data sensitively with an opt-in privacy policy. Offline, myGSOM Rewards program showers members in rewards and events and the app keeps them coming back for more cool, and largely user-aggregated, content.

Previous Rank:
2018: #19 , 2017: #38
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2019 score: 55


Why we love PacSun

On-point recommendations

Mixed collaborative-based recommendations and ‘shop the look’ suggestions show trending items based on a shopper’s location, while customers can also shop Pacsun’s California-cool looks on the app’s social feed. Recommendations leverage user-generated content to present its products in a dynamic way.
On-point recommendations

Email personalization

Pacsun performs well on email where its brand voice reflects the language of its texting demographic, using iPhone slang and emojis like ‘new next-season sweaters for rn’. Personalized emails, based on a shopper’s browsing and purchase history include ‘You’re going to love these…’ curations that are sprinkled with email blasts for upcoming sales events.
Email personalization

Smart omnichannel approach

Last year, Pacsun reported its multi-year plan to deploy a unified omnichannel approach to enable a seamless customer experience across all channels by the end of 2018. The app offers an elegant UX with collaborative-based recommendations and incorporates a direct social channel in-app for its Gen Z shoppers. MyGSOM Rewards Program helps the brand achieve its omnichannel goal, with shopper’s points and status always connected onsite, in-store, in-email and in-app – with more points awarded for engaging on more channels.
Smart omnichannel approach

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