Fabletics, the active-lifestyle darling of TechStyle Fashion Group that’s co-founded by Kate Hudson, has provided women with high-quality, trendy workout gear since 2013—and now has more than 1.5 million members across 10 countries. Before Fabletics, women either paid a premium for sportswear or skimped and risked experiencing every girl’s worst nightmare: sheer leggings in yoga class. It’s a problem most women know all too well. The brand allows shoppers to order a la carte or sign up for its Flexible VIP Membership program, where members receive up to 50% off all the time, early access to new launches, and cash rewards. Merging fashion and fitness for the best of both worlds, Fabletics makes high-tech, high-quality, and highly affordable outfits designed to make its consumers feel supported, stylish, and confident at—and beyond—the gym.

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2018: #15 , 2017: #50
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2019 score: 57


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Best in class email personalization

Fabletics makes intelligent product recommendations that increase in relevance as a shopper continues to engage with the brand, browse, and shop — even optimizing on a 1:1 level the time of day a customer receives an email. The product recommendations bridge different categories of clothing, offering enough suggestions to complete any outfit, as well as #MyFabletics content generated by users for more inspiration. Well-timed emails contain 'we curated these just for you' looks that reflect each shopper’s behavior.
Best in class email personalization

Onboarding personalization

What’s your favorite way to get fit? Where’s your favorite place to workout? Do I sound like a personal trainer… because these are just a few of the questions on Fabletics’ comprehensive onboarding quiz. The digital stylists will match your gear through your color preferences and inputted bra size, as well as support preference, to make sure you feel (and look) confident, strong and unstoppable the next time you’re on the move.
Onboarding personalization

Triggered email for days

As triggered email becomes more and more critical for delivering a customized experience to shoppers, Fabletics has seized on the opportunity with its lifecycle marketing strategy. Fabletics (along with its fellow TechStyle Fashion Group brands) has one of the most advanced triggered email programs evaluated on the Index, even deploying cart scarcity messages, and of course outfitted with interest-based recommendations.
Triggered email for days

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