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What’s the Retail Personalization Index?

The world's most in-depth study on retail and ecommerce marketing

Sailthru’s annual research examines the customer journey — from browsing, to email subscription, to purchase, and beyond — for the most recognizable and the fastest-growing retailers. We evaluate a brand's capabilities across 97 unique customer experience attributes. Then, we survey actual consumers of the brands to find out which attributes they care about most and weigh the attributes accordingly. The result: a proprietary scoring model that combines our researchers’ real experiences with the brand + consumer sentiment into a numerical score out of 100 possible points.

Personalization is our business

We’re pioneers in personalization. The Sailthru team has been helping retail and media organizations create memorable experiences for more than a decade. It’s kind of our thing.

  • Brands Evaluated 500
  • Customers Surveyed 5,000
  • Attributes Analyzed 80
  • Industry categories covered 12

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Personalization priorities: Unlocking the research

This year, we conducted our first-ever survey to retail marketers and a follow up survey on consumer privacy. Discover the key insights on data and privacy, the divergence between retailer and consumer perceptions, and more.

Dive deeper into our methodology

We know — it’s a lot. Want to learn more about the methodology behind the research?


Sailthru + Liveclicker = what email dreams are made of

Sailthru’s powerful and personalized ESP (plus web and mobile chops) combined with Liveclicker’s real-time, moment-of-open personalization will create a customer experience you never thought possible.

"The most important personalization strategy every retail marketer should adopt this year is to incorporate authentic, real-time content in order to motivate repeat customer engagement and stronger brand loyalty. Marketers must use all data at their disposal – that can mean using reviews and social media to 'social proof' products and curations, or better segmenting consumers based on age, category, cohort and spend affinity to be as relevant as possible."

Randi Gladstone
Digital Marketing Consultant, RMG Digital

“It’s not always true that more is better. Customers shop with a brand because they are finding a great product while also having an amazing experience. When it comes to personalization, offering a bespoke experience that shows the customer the brand understands what they like should always be the highest priority. Marketers must help build brand loyalty by giving customers a reason to come back and shop time and time again.”

Nadia Torti
CRM Manager, Tory Burch

"Excellent personalized experiences happen when customers don’t realize they’re being marketed to by way of upselling or cross selling. Marketers succeed by meeting customers where they are at in the client journey and serving up relevant products, rewards, or offers."

Marissa Contreras
Senior Director, Digital Experience & CRM, Shaklee

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