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Case Study

How Morning Brew Maintains Exceptional Engagement with Automation and A/B Tests

How Morning Brew Maintains Exceptional Engagement with Automation and A/B Tests image

Thousands of retail and media marketing leaders love Sailthru

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Case Study

How did Sailthru help The Associated Press reinvent its email newsletter experience?

Customer Q&A

“With Sailthru’s Personalization Engine, we target shoppers who have an interest in a particular product or who have purchased from a similar category. We use interest-based tags to target who gets that offer and we’re really happy with our new structure. We think our members are, too; the engagement metrics are higher than ever.”

Lindsay McGovern, Senior Director of CRM & Lifecycle at Thrive Market

Vanity Fair

Check out this webinar to find out how Vanity Fair used Sailthru’s predictive technology to curate the reader experience and increase engagement.

Case Study

Learn how Raise used Sailthru to acquire new customers and nurture them into long-term VIPs.


“Simply put: the service is incredible. Sailthru goes above and beyond for our partnership and we always feel supported.”

Donald Baal Senior Director of Digital Marketing at NASCAR

Food For Thought Webinar

"When we were exploring global ESPs, there were over 400 requirements we had to consider. Sometimes it can feel like you're searching for a unicorn ESP that has it all, but no platform is going to be 100% perfect. For us, the Sailthru product hits all the different points that we needed for our use cases, which was key in our decision."

Sabrina Dayanani, Head of CRM Communications at Conde Nast

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"Honestly, I cannot think of anything i don't like about this platform. It's 100% worth the cost/implementation. The insights you will gain will garner this invaluable to your organization."

Case Study

How personalizing the entire email experience helped JustFab increase email conversion rate by 50%


“I hadn't used Sailthru before, but found it very easy to get to grips with campaigns, audiences, analytics. Within a day or two of using the product I'd successfully created and sent my first campaign without breaking anything.”

Case Study

How General Assembly boosted its highest-value leads by 12% with Lifecycle Optimizer

Video Interview

How an authentic voice assisted astounding growth for Morning Brew

How an authentic voice assisted astounding growth for Morning Brew thumbnail

Tailored Triggers

Learn how ANINE BING used Sailthru to personalize its triggered messaging to its highest performing channels.


“The strategic partnership Sailthru provides has been invaluable to our team. The team stands out in two key ways: expertise and proactive approach. It’s what’s kept ShoeDazzle and all of TechStyle Fashion Group’s brands working with Sailthru for 6 years strong.”

Bryan McNally, CRM Manager at ShoeDazzle

Everyday Health

“Sailthru’s personalization and dynamic content capabilities have been a catalyst for advancing our email programs. We’ve been able to increase engagement by providing unmatched personalization to our readers while also making better use of our content libraries.”

Byron Alday, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Everyday Health

Case Study

“We worked with Sailthru to create a sophisticated automated program that would deliver personalized messaging triggered by key behaviors in the process, something that would have been impossible with cumbersome legacy technologies. Sailthru has helped us drive more sales through email and increased our site traffic with great support and an easy to use platform”

Andrew Lim, Director of Retention Marketing at RevZilla

Customer Q&A

“Sailthru’s Realtime Dashboard is an essential tool for not only marketing, but also our merchant partner team, who works directly with brands to source inventory.”

Kelly Hickey, Senior Manager of Marketing & CRM at Raise

Case Study

Personalizing content and marketing automation resulted in Refinery29’s engaged readership rising by 86%

Case Study

“I don’t use the phrase “partner” often when it comes to describing vendors, but with Sailthru it’s what they truly are to us. The tech is strong, but the partnership is game-changing.”

Garrett Bewkes, Head Publisher at National Review

Case Study

Investing in first-party data increased pageviews from email by 114% for Investopedia

Customer Q&A

“Sailthru gives us an ability to really personalize what we do for our customers. This is crucial because instead of a very vanilla feed of information, we can learn what our readers are doing and tailor their content to that. Personalization helps drive retention by making that content feel more valuable to the reader. If they get what they want, they keep coming back for more.”

Matt Dickow, Lifecycle Marketing and Technology Manager at San Francisco Chronicle

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