About Sailthru

Sailthru is proud to be part of CM Group, a world-class portfolio of technology products.

Our mission is to be the most respected, fastest growing marketing technology company in the world. We have teams all over the globe — from NYC to San Francisco to London to New Zealand — making it a reality.

The people behind the product

Working with some of the biggest names in ecommerce and publishing, we help deliver email, mobile and web experiences to billions of consumers worldwide.

No matter which team you’re on, we all work toward helping our clients achieve more.

Sailthru is the largest sender of personalized email in the world. But we’re so much more than just an email provider or multi-channel marketing hub. We’re committed to creating true partnerships and driving quantifiable results.

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Our team is driven by customer success. From engineers, to product managers, to account managers—everyone who joins Sailthru rallies together as a single, global team to innovate and improve. And we’re always growing. Find out more about careers at Sailthru.


Created to offer solutions that meet the needs of every marketer, CM Group was founded in 2017 with the collection of industry-leading email marketing platforms. To date, the tech family has grown to include 7 brands.

CM Group continues to add innovative marketing technologies to our collection in an effort to create a true home for marketers of every scale and varying levels of sophistication. Most recently, this has meant the creation of CM Commerce, an email platform that integrates with major ecommerce platforms and focuses on automation.

As we grow, this suite of products is changing the marketing landscape and presenting new opportunities for businesses around the world. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, CM Group has U.S. offices in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, and San Francisco. Along with global offices in Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Uruguay, we’re able to offer extensive support and solutions to marketers regardless of location.

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