Sailthru named to 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

We are dedicated to helping retailers and publishers exceed their marketing goals, especially where highly personalized email, website and mobile experiences are priority. Download the full report and learn why Sailthru is positioned in Gartner's Magic Quadrant.

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Customer Retention Essentials

Increase opens, clicks, conversion and long-term revenue from email.

Email is the most profitable digital marketing channel: it pays for itself in spades, with every $1 spent on email yielding an average $44 return. But email has changed more in the last 5 years than any other form of direct marketing. Leading marketers now view email as part of a complete retention strategy capable of delivering significant revenue, instead of just a standalone channel.

Sailthru is the largest sender of personalized email in the world. We send more than 70 billion personalized email messages every year. Find out more >

“With Sailthru, our email and onsite personalization is so accurate that my mom, who’s a Business Insider subscriber, thinks that I select the stories for her personally.”

Breton Fischetti
Director of Business and Audience Development
Business Insider

Optimize and personalize the customer experience across your most valuable owned channels—email, web and mobile.

More than half of marketing executives plan to invest in solutions for providing a seamless customer experience. But the challenges are significant: poor quality customer profiles, a lack of understanding of messages and offers that will resonate with customers, and the inability to deliver personalized messages and experiences.

With Sailthru, you can coordinate 1:1 personalized product and content recommendations to individual consumers across your digital channels, personalize acquisition tactics, serve personalized upsell and renewal messages, and more. Find out more >

“We use Sailthru personalization across the site and in emails to make sure we understand what a user is looking for in both arenas, and definitely plan to extend incorporating as many channels as possible into the mix.”

Kathryn Wright
Managing Director
Discount Vouchers

Boost short-term and long-term conversion, revenue and loyalty.

Personalization is a critical investment priority if your goals are to maintain long-term, profitable growth, increase repeat purchase rates, repeat site visits and total revenue. Modern personalization is designed to engage with individual consumers based on their behaviors, interests, engagement patterns, and the context in which they interact with your brand.

With Sailthru’s Personalization Engine, you’ll easily go beyond recommendations to personalize content, cadence and channel; offering every individual customer or reader a unique experience. Find out more >

“Headlines are driven by acquisition but profitability is driven by retention. Sailthru has been a great tool; one partner that can actually make this a lot simpler.”

Aaron Magness

Increase customer lifetime value and easily advance segmentation.

Imagine how your marketing would change if you knew what every individual customer or reader would do next—who would purchase, how much would they spend, and what specific products will they buy? Who might generate large volumes of pageviews, open email newsletters—or even opt-out?

Using predictive analytics to drive segmentation far outperforms recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) models—both in accuracy and speed. With Sailthru, you can easily identify your most valuable customers and readers using our predictive analytics capability. Find out more >

“Sailthru isn’t just a technology company; it’s a competitive differentiator. Predictions Manager is just one example of how they make modern marketing easy. No one else can match this.”

Craig Schinn
Director of Ecommerce
The Clymb

Go beyond surface metrics to understand the revenue impact of your marketing decisions.

More than 60% of marketers use email open rates to determine the effectiveness of their email marketing. Most fail to go deeper than opens and clicks in their analysis because of the challenges faced in bringing together multiple data sets, and the time it takes to surface insights that impact revenue.

With Sailthru’s real-time campaign statistics and long-term cohort measurement, you’ll go beyond short-term metrics to track what truly matters to your business. Find out more >

“We use Retention Analytics to understand the value of customers we acquire over the long-term, and how that value changes based on our marketing. We’re simultaneously improving value from retained customers and able to evaluate acquisition sources for audience quality.”

David Guo
Advertising Campaign Manager

Solutions for Retailers and Ecommerce Leaders

Acquire More Profitable Customers
Increase Revenue from Email
Win Back Customers

Solutions for Digital Media and Global Publishers

Increase Pageviews
Decrease Churn
Improve Email Performance

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