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collect customer data

How Deep Personalization Makes Customers Want to Share Their Data With You

For consumers, sharing first-party data has long been a tricky subject. Nobody likes feeling as if a brand has been eavesdropping. But at the...

Data & AI

customer experience trends

3 Customer Experience Trends AI Can Help You Discover

In an increasingly fast-paced online ethos where most of us are using our mobile devices more than ever before and apps like TikTok create...


first-party data tactics

3 First-Party Data Tactics to Make Your Emails Better

Right now, successful email marketing is all about personalization. The good news is, you already know what buyers want — it’s right there in...


value-based personalization

Why Value-Based Personalization is the Future of Marketing

From toilet paper shortages to ever-fluctuating safety protocols, 2020 was a year that presented unprecedented challenges on nearly every imaginable level. But even as...

Data & AI

Segment integration

How Our Segment Integration Helps You

In order to meet or exceed customer expectations (no easy feat these days), marketers are collecting and storing as much first-party customer data as...



What You Need to Know About Google’s Latest Announcement

According to its latest blog post, Google is officially delaying its phase out of third-party cookies in Chrome from this year until 2023. For...


real-time personalization myths

The 4-1-1 on 4 Real-Time Personalization Myths

Real-time personalization: is it just the latest in a long line of industry buzzwords? Or, is it an accepted best practice that can propel...


white spaces

Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Marketing Team

This article is part of a larger series that focuses on diversity and equity in marketing. As a company, we are committed to identifying...

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