How to Sell Your CFO on Personalization (Or Anything Else, Really)

With marketers constantly testing in pursuit of incrementality and finance organizations always seeking predictability, the two teams are often like oil and water. Marketing wants to experiment. Finance wants guaranteed ROI returns. Marketing and finance are separate entities with disparate thinking and operational methodologies, but the rise of performance marketing has helped them speak in a […]

How 3 Publishers Are Bringing in New Subscribers with New Products

Every publisher knows how difficult it is to get readers to pay for something that they’re used to getting for free. And when it comes to publishing, “free,” as we all know, isn’t really free. It’s just that advertisers are paying rather than readers. For publishers, relying on advertisers has become an increasingly risky strategy. […]

4 Strategies That Show Why Publishers Need To Get Serious About First-Party Data

Digital publishers know that their business models need to change. While digital ad revenue grew 20 percent last year, Facebook and Google snagged the vast majority of that growth. Demand-side platforms have clobbered digital media, greatly reducing the rates that can be charged to advertisers. Increasing the volume of ads isn’t an option, either. Cluttered, […]

How to Find the Resources to Implement a Personalization Strategy

The arguments for publishers and retailers to make personalization a core business strategy are becoming too strong to ignore. Boston Consulting Group provides one of the more compelling data points, predicting that companies that are fully invested in all types of personalization by 2018 will be outselling their competitors by at least 30%. Companies that are […]

7 Ways Retailers Like Nordstrom, IKEA, T-Mobile and TOMS Generate Brand Loyalty

In today’s digital world, consumers can buy whatever they want, whenever they want. And with so many people carrying all of the information in the entire world in our pockets, shoppers are often just as knowledgeable as the salespeople. Together, this creates a perfect storm that turns the concept of brand loyalty upside down. Brand […]

Inside the Overlap Between Omnichannel and Personalized Experiences in Retail

Walmart continually beefs up its digital offerings while Amazon keeps moving offline. As the world’s largest retailer and online retailer go head to head in a battle of Goliath and Goliath, one thing is clear: Omnichannel has become the white whale for retailers. Technology has created a complex customer journey. Today’s consumers use an average […]

Zappos Embraces Content-Plus-Commerce, While Paid Loyalty Programs Multiply

How do you engage readers and shoppers? Zappos launched a commerce-plus-content effort, and more retailers turn to paid loyalty programs. A new study from Tow Center for Digital Journalism gives further insights into publishers’ efforts to reduce their reliance on ad revenue and instead win support from a base of highly engaged subscribers. Zappos Pursues […]
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