How Personalization Gives Savvy Retailers an Edge Over Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon is a retail and technology powerhouse. Its loyalty program, Prime, boasts an estimated 80 million members. More than 40 percent of everything sold online in the U.S. is sold through Amazon. The company has a market capitalization approaching half a trillion dollars. Many retailers set strategies specifically assuming that they either […]

Rent the Runway and Spring Talk Key Strategies for Growth in 2018

Two heads of growth are better than one. At least that’s our thinking after Kevin Kwon, head of growth at Spring, and Will Flaherty, head of growth at Rent the Runway, joined Hilary Milnes from Glossy for a fireside chat to discuss their successes in 2017 and plans for 2018. The topics are familiar: customer […]

Customer Lifecycle Optimization Is an Opportunity for Almost Every Brand — Here’s How to Get Started

Customer lifecycle optimization sounds fancy. It’s not. It centers on a concept every marketer is already familiar with: reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time. Our recently-released Personalization Index, which ranks the personalization efforts of 100 well-known retail brands, found that across brands, lifecycle optimization remains a huge untapped opportunity. […]

7 Tactics to Convert First-Time Holiday Buyers into Repeat Purchasers

Every marketer knows that the holiday season is hugely important. But while the short-term implications of holiday traffic are well-understood, sometimes the long-term potential is less appreciated.   A recent Sailthru survey found that 24 percent of marketers expect the holidays to be responsible for more than 40 percent of their annual revenue. That revenue […]

9 Key Mobile Marketing Stats to Know Before Finalizing Your 2018 Mobile Strategy

The sea change for mobile is here. Throughout the last several years everyone was talking about the importance of mobile, but the conversion rates — or perhaps lack of attribution — tricked some marketers into undervaluing the channel. Today, it’s a much different landscape when it comes to mobile revenue. For the ‘17 holiday shopping […]
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