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Can Your Email Subject Line Be Better?

Is using the word “free” good or bad? What about emojis? Do I need to design different headlines for desktop and mobile? We’ve revisited...


3 Interactive Experiences We Love Right Now

Interactive digital experiences can help build brand loyalty while delivering key details about your customer’s interests and future purchase intent.  The importance of data...


Do You Need to Worry About Google’s Plan to Delete Inactive Accounts?

Marketers should use Google’s latest initiative as an opportunity to focus on their own data health and list quality. Last week Google announced that...


4 Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Messaging Platform

Is it possible to scale exponentially while getting more personalized with each and every customer? It is with machine learning and the power of...


The 2023 Consumer Trends Index: What it Means for Media Marketers

From streaming subscription services to gaming and podcasts, consumers have an endless choice of options and platforms for consuming content. And similar to other...


5 Tips to Build Your SMS List

Few businesses have remained unimpacted by the transformative power of digital technology. As we navigate the age of omni-channel marketing, the number of marketing...


How Clean is Your Data?

Similar to precious metals, data has to be refined from its raw state to be anything more than a collection of numbers and email...


The Impact of Gamification on Retail

The popularity of gamification continues to soar and is now an essential marketing tool to drive engagement and loyalty.  The appeal of interactive experiences...

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