Moving Beyond Mobile Segmentation: Introducing Mobile Personalization

Heraclitus famously said, “You never step in the same river twice.” The same can be said about markets. Every day brings new products and the evolution (or death) of old ones as business needs change. With that in mind, we’ve always tried to be ahead of the curve, especially regarding personalization. When the “batch and […]

2 Different Abandoned Cart Strategies, Courtesy of eBay and Amazon

An abandoned cart doesn’t merely mean the customer decided not to purchase. It means the customer decided not to purchase from you. That hurts. As two of the world’s biggest online marketplaces, Amazon and eBay use very different strategies to convert shoppers who are sitting on the fence. Their approaches show, once again, that the […]

Why Digital Media Companies Have No Choice But to Personalize

As marketers, we want to know who our customers are. What are their interests and how do they impact their behaviors? That’s the only way that, online, we can come close to replicating the personal service that our grandparents took for granted when they walked into a store. We know that a superior customer experience […]

Smarter Segmentation and an Omnichannel Balance: Q&A with Need Supply Co’s Aneesha Rao

Spiders, heights, public speaking and failure are some of the most common fears out there. However, the latter doesn’t scare Aneesha Rao. A former Googler whose job as the Strategy and Digital Marketing Manager at Need Supply Co. and Totokaelo, Aneesha’s job spans email, advertising, onsite performance and data analytics. And during an event at […]

How The New York Times and The Guardian Succeed at Subscriptions By Switching Up Staff

Every media organization knows that new business models mean change. The business model that seems to be getting the most traction right now is of the everything-old-is-new-again variety: subscriptions (preferably, the digital variety). It’s easy to underestimate how much change is required for media organizations to shift the bulk of their revenue base from advertisers […]

Are Link Shorteners Diminishing Your Email Deliverability?

We love a good link shortener. Our own branded Bitly links are highly shareable (and trackable) so we use them on social media all the time. Consumers love a good link shortener, too. A branded link conveys trust and Rebrandly research found that branded shortlinks have a 39% higher clickthrough rate. However, that’s not to […]

Standing Up to Sephora: 6 Best Practices for Beauty Brands

While many legacy retailers talk of digital innovation but are slow to adopt and adapt, the beauty industry is doing far more than just putting lipstick on the pig. The industry is transforming by embracing personalization, augmented reality, and virtual reality to acquire new customers and grow long-term relationships. At Shoptalk in Las Vegas, the […]

Battle of the Onboarding: How eBay Compares to Amazon

How do you compete with Amazon? That’s a pressing question, not just for digital marketers, but for all retailers. For some clues as to how retailers can hold their own in an environment increasingly dominated by Amazon, we looked to the results of our first-ever Personalization Index. The Index includes exhaustive research on 100 well-known […]

Omnichannel Meets Luxury: Q&A with CEO Stacie Henderson

We frequently talk about the importance of omnichannel shopping experiences. They’re crucial for every retailer to master, given how complicated today’s customer journey is. But more than that, as CEO Stacie Henderson points out, no normal person uses the word “omnichannel.” To a consumer, an experience is an experience and if yours isn’t good […]

How Sailthru and Inkit Deliver Personalized Direct Mail Campaigns

Many marketers have tech stacks that go beyond simply being a system; they’re practically living organisms with powerful brains of their own. But others have a difficult time applying their hard-earned data and clever personalization techniques to every channel, including direct mail, which is experiencing something of a resurgence thanks to the availability of data. […]
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