How Rich Media Can Help Boost Your Email Engagement

Imagine showing an upcoming offer and reflecting your brand image through a plain text email. It becomes a bit difficult to depict everything using text as it gets long and illegible, doesn’t it? Think of the same email designed with exciting images, videos and animation to highlight key information. Which one would you prefer to […]

Cook up Customer Engagement with Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer Recipes

Working with more than 400 brands across media, retail, ecommerce and tourism, Sailthru’s customer base is so varied that it can be hard to draw comparisons. One commonality we often see is that no matter the industry, many marketers increasingly must do more with less: smaller teams, fewer resources, less time. In response, we brought […]

Apply to Be Featured in Sailthru’s 2018 Retail Personalization Index

At Sailthru, we strongly believe that personalization isn’t just a tactic, but a crucial business strategy. When we launched the first ever Retail Personalization Index last year, our goal was to spotlight how well top global and upstart retailers and ecommerce companies are personalizing the customer experience. The result was the biggest research project Sailthru […]

Personalized Post: 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Direct Mail Campaigns

In the age of marketing automation, it’s easy to scrap direct mail from your to-do list because of its immeasurability, high cost, and slow execution. However, when done correctly, printed ads have a physical touchpoint that can lead to a high return. Traditionally, direct mail has been motivated by a company’s desire to send a […]

Painting the Town Sailthru Blue: A Look at our Recent Volunteer Day

Sailthru’s mantra is that human connections matter and as a result, we frequently tout our service. Our Strategy & Optimization team goes under the hood to identify the metrics that matter, in order to help you grow their businesses faster. The Customer Success team handles everything from partner enablement to weekly status calls. And so […]

Why Your Customers Want More From You Than Just Your Products

Think of the last purchase decision you made. Was it solely based on a better or unique product offering? Or did it have more to do with what the company stands for, how its products are made, or how it supports (or doesn’t support) a cause you care about? With endless buying options available and […]

Top 7 Performing Emails from Q2 — And Why They Beat the Benchmarks

Sailthru’s brilliant Strategy & Optimization team has created a benchmarking tool that quantifies the millions of emails we send every minute — yes, every minute. The team looks across our entire client base and compiles the open and click-through rate for each email. However, they split them into two buckets, segmenting them by our retail and media […]

8 Ways to Monetize Email Newsletters for Publishers

Email newsletters are pretty much ubiquitous, but when’s the last time you gave a fresh look at how you might monetize yours? Recently the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism presented a working paper that explores eight different email newsletter business models, including direct revenue generation, brand promotion, audience engagement and subscription conversion, among […]

CEO Neil Lustig Shares Sailthru Growth Story on Nathan Latka’s Podcast

Nathan Latka describes himself as a different kind of entrepreneur, one who eschews “rah rah positivity” and dives right into the data. A recent guest on his Top Entrepreneurs Podcast, Sailthru CEO Neil Lustig had the opportunity to tell the world how much we’ve grown over the past 10 years. Sailthru was founded in 2008 […]
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