Condé Nast Research Reveals 79% of Purchase Decisions are Made Before Ever Searching

We all know the modern customer journey is longer and more complicated than ever before. However, new research from Condé Nast shows that most customers make brand decisions well before they even realize they’re on a journey. Along with research firm Tapestry, Condé Nast recently surveyed 4,500 consumers to learn more about their paths to […]

3 Ways Personalization Can Save Brands From the Retail Graveyard

Big retail is still in big trouble. CB Insights’ recent retail report found 21 high-profile retail bankruptcies in 2017 including such well-known brands as Radio Shack, Gymboree, and Toys ‘R’ Us, with the pace of closings accelerating significantly. Meanwhile, a select group of online natives are growing, mostly at the expense of legacy brands. Chief […]

Using Sailthru’s Promo Codes to Personalize Your Discounts

Every retailer uses discounts for a very simple reason: They work. But discounting is much more complicated than putting promo codes out into the universe and suddenly acquiring new customers, everywhere from Facebook to the subway. Discounts are more than just an incentive. If you use them right, they can also help build loyalty. That’s […]

Why In-App Notifications Are the New Email

Most marketers know all about push notifications. They’re a bit more skeptical about in-app notifications. That’s a mistake. Why, exactly? Before we answer that question, let’s start with a primer for marketers who aren’t currently working a mobile messaging strategy. Push Notifications vs. In-App Messaging There are two forms of messages that best help brands […]

When Mobile is the New Newsstand: Q&A with The AP’s Sean McCorkle

It’s no secret that many legacy publishers struggle with digital transformation. And few publishers are as “legacy” as the Associated Press, which dates back to 1846 when five New York City newspapers funded a pony express route through Alabama to deliver news of the Mexican War. Still, the AP has always been future-focused and navigated successfully […]

How Best Buy, Nordstrom and Ulta Are Nailing the Brick and Click Customer Experience

CB Insights created a timeline chronicling four years of retailer bankruptcies. Radio Shack, Sports Authority, Wet Seal and more recently, Toys ‘R’ Us: It’s worth noting that they’re practically all — or were all — brands of scale. These brands underline the way ecommerce has turned retail on its head. But more than that, they […]

The Top 5 Reasons You Don’t Have Repeat Customers

Loyal customers are the most valuable customers. Our most iconic brands are known for cultivating long-standing relationships and creating the ever-valued “tribe” of repeat customers, who become enthusiasts and advocates. Its why we still line up at the Apple Store for a launch, why there are two or three brand names that dominate our closet, why […]

How Do Consumers Feel About Data Privacy Post-Cambridge Analytica?

Imagine you had 122 iPhones, all filled to capacity. If every single other person on the planet, including newborn babies and your grandmother, was in the same boat, the total number of storage-free smartphones would be 937 billion. That’s roughly how much data we collectively created in 2017. We create an incomprehensibly large amount of […]

To Know You Is to Sell You: Increasing Loyalty with Personalization

The modern digital consumer not only wants but expects personalized service and communications that reflect their behaviors and interests. Think of it in terms of sports fans. Would you wear a baseball cap from your favorite team with your name stitched on the inside? Or would you prefer a generic hat with the logo of your […]
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