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Build deeper, longer-lasting relationships with your customers and audiences

  • Drive Customer Lifetime Value “Sailthru definitely helps us with our retention efforts. We’re generating and growing customer lifetime value.”

    Monica Deretich
    Director of Marketing and CRM
  • Deliver Personalized Experiences “I definitely recommend Sailthru. Our personalization is so accurate my mom thinks I select the stories for her.”

    Breton Fischetti
    Director, Business and Audience Development
  • Increase Marketing Efficiency “The most intuitive UI I’ve ever put my hands on. The entire platform is built for marketing efficiency.”

    Brittany Agneta
    Senior Manager, Ecommerce & Marketing Technology

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Sailthru helps the world’s most innovative retailers and digital publishers build deeper and longer lasting relationships with their customers. Sailthru-powered email, web, and mobile experiences drive higher revenue, improve customer lifetime value and eliminate churn. If you’re a marketer who believes in the promise of 1:1 marketing, cares deeply about unified and synchronized customer experiences, and wants to build better customer relationships, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about what Sailthru can do for you.

Experience Center

Connect. Engage. Retain.

Sailthru makes it possible to connect with consumers as individuals. The results are increased engagement, repeat conversion and long-term revenue gains. Achieve your goals with our email marketing, cross-channel automation and personalization capabilities. This is the Experience Center.

Go Beyond Journeys

There are over 7 billion people on the planet. Each one is unique. Your marketing can be too. With Sailthru, take control of the entire customer lifecycle—in email, on your website and in mobile apps, all from one source. Proactively engage based on individual customer behaviors, rather than spending your time building journeys that few customers take.

Personalize Experiences

What’s the feeling you get when you walk into a local coffee shop and the barista remembers you by name? Or you shop at your favorite local store and the owner offers recommendations tailored to your interest? Personalization matters, and consumers presented with personalized marketing are more engaged and spend more money. At Sailthru, we make it easy to personalize and automate marketing. Whether you call it 1:1, microsegmentation or something else, this is true, modern personalization at scale.

Predict Behaviors

Data science has redefined marketing. Today we can reliably predict the next actions of each consumer—when, where and how they will engage (in email, on the web, or via his or her mobile phone), purchase or even disconnect. Retailers and publishers trust Sailthru’s predictions to forecast lifetime value, identify untapped revenue opportunities, consume more content, purchase more products, and increase segmentation sophistication.

Experience Center Capabilities

Email Manager
Site Personalization Manager
Mobile Manager
Prediction Manager

Email Manager

Sailthru is the largest sender of personalized email in the world and in 2016 was recognized as the winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight for personalized marketing at scale.

High performance email is at the core of Experience Center, and Sailthru has delivered significant increases in both short-term conversions and long-term revenue for both digital retailers and publishers.



increase in email revenue

increase in active buyers


increase in email revenue

decrease in subscriber churn


Business Insider_square

increase in email click through rates

increase in email ad click rates


“Sailthru has given us the ability to achieve our goals with personalized marketing and to more effectively retain customers and increase customer lifetime value.”

Monica Deretich
VP of CRM,


“I definitely recommend Sailthru. Our email and onsite personalization is so accurate that my mom thinks that I select the stories for her personally.”

Breton Fischetti
Director of Business and Audience Development,
Business Insider

Email Manager – Key Features

Build market-leading customer data profiles

  • Sailthru uses data from every channel to ensure email marketing is relevant in real-time
  • Customer data profiles include behavioral data from email, web, mobile, social and offline channels
  • Interest data details the specific types of products and content an individual customer has the greatest affinity for
  • Predictive data details when a customer will next purchase, what they will buy, how much they will spend, if they will open email, how many pageviews they will generate and more

Automate personalization and maintain control

  • Sailthru’s wide range of personalization algorithms and automated data science products will give you the ability to engage uniquely with each of your customers and readers
  • Dynamically personalize email subject lines, content and product recommendations in email, email send time and more
  • Maintain control by easily selecting content to go to all audiences and pinning content within email templates

Segment audiences based on behaviors, interests and predictions

  • With Sailthru you’ll tap into all customer data – behaviors, interests and predictions – to easily segment customers and build email lists that update dynamically based on real-time interactions
  • Reach new customers with messages specific to onboarding, re-engage lapsed buyers and readers, target customers predicted to purchase in the next 24 hours, announce new products to those with high interest in the category

Easily create and test campaigns

  • Automate campaigns with ease – with Sailthru you’ll leverage pre-built or custom email templates to truly automate your email marketing for desktop and mobile
  • Best-in-class split testing enables marketers to optimize creative, subject lines, calls-to-action, personalization and more
  • Measure long-term impact to revenue, pageviews, lifetime value and other metrics through cohort analysis and predictions

Ensure successful delivery

  • Sailthru’s industry-leading deliverability team monitors all customer accounts to ensure successful inbox delivery
  • Receive strategic advice on best practices to maximize inbox placement
  • We track subscriber engagement, identify real-time issues and mitigate and resolve risks in addition to managing authentication through SPF, DKIM and DMARC to manage reputation and provide insights on deliverability health

Modernize email strategy

  • Through strategic business reviews, benchmarking analysis, insights workshops and historical data analysis our team will enable you to meet your short-term conversion goals and make long-term gains
  • By understanding your specific goals and leveraging our work with hundreds of digital retailers and publishers, you’ll gain from our extensive experience and expertise in email innovation

With Sailthru you can connect email, web and mobile experiences all from a single customer profile to deliver truly relevant and 1:1 experiences across your digital channels.

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Site Personalization Manager

Sailthru is the only single platform that allows marketers to connect email, website and mobile app experiences from a unified customer profile.

Site Personalization Manager enables marketers to extend personalization beyond email to deliver rich, personalized experiences across key buyer channels, resulting in greater customer lifetime value. Marketers can leverage cross-channel customer profile data and easily deliver a consistent, tailored experience from one, unified solution.



increase in repeat purchase rates


Business Insider_square

increase in website recirculation


“What’s exciting about Sailthru is that we have email and onsite all in one ecosystem, so we don’t have to think about plugging in different datasets or managing multiple tools. We have one partner and it makes things a lot simpler.”

Aaron Magness,


“Sailthru is heavily integrated on our site. We’re able to suggest content to our readers based on their behaviors and interests. Sailthru truly understands what our readers respond to and we’re able to use Sailthru to set-it-and-forget it across email and web.”

Breton Fischetti,
Director of Business and Audience Development,
Business Insider

Site Personalization Manager – Key Features

One, unified solution for email, web and mobile app personalization

  • Leverage the complete history of individual reader and customer behavioral and interest data to serve relevant recommendations across email, web and mobile apps
  • Suppress content and products consumed on an individual channel to increase depth of session and conversion
  • One platform and a turn-key implementation to leverage audience and customer lists and content/product feeds across owned digital channels

Personalize any website and app interface

  • Retailers can personalize their home page, product category pages, product pages, cart interfaces and more with product recommendations
  • Publishers can add content recommendations to navigational menus, home and category pages, and anywhere on an article level page
  • Extend testing across multiple channels to test messaging and creative as readers and customers move from channel-to-channel and advance through the buyer journey

Convert anonymous traffic and renew subscriptions

  • Serve anonymous browsers with embedded email subscription CTAs to increase known audiences
  • Advertise paid subscriptions to existing email subscribers or mobile app users
  • Remind paid subscribers to renew by serving these reminders only to your existing individual subscribers

Go beyond recommendations

  • Product and content recommendations are just one form of personalization that retailers and publishers can leverage with Site Personalization Manager
  • Personalize discounts and promotional offers based on predicted behaviors, such as likelihood to purchase, predicted average order value and basket size, and predicted customer lifetime value
  • Personalize pricing based on inventory, purchase history and geography
  • Incorporate third party data sources, such as weather, to serve creative and messaging with relevancy and context


93 percent of marketers say that having a single platform for cross-channel experience management is critical.

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Mobile Manager

Mobile Manager powered by, a Sailthru company, helps brands with mobile apps deliver higher engagement, loyalty and revenue from mobile through push notifications, in-app notifications and in-app message centers.

Mobile Manager powers the full app journey of mobile customers from onboarding to retention in a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.

Fortune 500 brands from retail, media, finance, travel and consumer packaged goods rely on Sailthru’s Mobile Manager by to engage mobile audiences.

increase in mobile app revenue
increase in active app users
increase in app opens
increase in in-store purchases

Mobile Manager – Key Features

Connect email, web and mobile experiences

  • Data seamlessly flows between and Sailthru, with customer lists, behaviors and interests all based off of a single customer profile
  • This integration at the profile level enables marketers to connect and personalize digital engagement at the individual level far beyond simple triggers
  • No other marketing cloud or point solution offers the same level of data and functionality integration

Easily segment and target customers

  • Set permissions for your team based on role and location
  • Build audiences based on profile, behavior and location
  • Target customers based on country, city or even down to the city block
  • Retarget based on in-app events, email response and website behavior

Easily create and publish engaging mobile messages

  • Quickly create push notifications and rich messages with a drag-and-drop interface
  • Automate messages for every individual based on location, behavior and attributes
  • Send in local time, deep link to screens within your app, and A/B test to ensure long-term success

Go beyond push notifications

  • Reach your consumers on your app home screen
  • Deliver messages inside the app with full-screen creative
  • Create a home for rich content with a fully customizable message stream

Understand mobile campaign impact

  • View live engagement stats from your global customers
  • Measure message impressions, app opens from push and delivery status
  • Capture installs, uninstalls, app opens, monthly active users, location and more
  • Custom analytics specifically designed for your business such as sign ups, screen views and purchases
  • Leverage analytics to target customers based on specific actions and events

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Prediction Manager

With Prediction Manager, marketers can act on the future behaviors of their individual customers to advance segmentation, optimize new customer acquisition, decrease customer churn and increase email response rates.

Prediction Manager makes data science and machine learning easy for marketers to apply to their businesses. Our 13 out-of-the-box predictions require nothing more than the data that Sailthru collects from email, web, mobile and other channels. Predictions are made every day for every individual customer or reader.

It’s easy, accurate and actionable and will get you ahead of your customers — and competitors.

reduction in customer acquisition cost

Rent the Runway
1-year customer
lifetime value

reduction in subscriber acquisition cost

predicted pageviews per reader in the next 30 days


“It can take months, if not years, to identify the most effective way to segment existing customers in order to deliver long-term value. With Sailthru, we can automate insights development using vast troves of customer data and the results have exceeded our top performing customers segment.”

Josh Gray
Director of Acquisition Marketing,
Rent the Runway

Prediction Manager – Key Features

Decrease acquisition costs

  • Retention is the key to profitable growth. The key to stronger retention? Acquisition.

  • Accurately identify your top readers and customers based on their predicted behaviors such as who will purchase or generate the most pageviews in the next 30 days; who will deliver the most revenue in the next 30 days or year.

  • Send this customer list to Facebook, Google and other social platforms through one-click integrations and use their advertising tools to build lookalike models.

  • Acquire new email subscribers and customers predicted to deliver greater long-term value at lower cost.

Calculate Lifetime Value

  • Forecast marketing’s impact to revenue through 1-year LTV
  • Calculate predicted lifetime value for every individual customer for the next year
  • Segment high-value customers and subscribers to drive conversion and participation in loyalty programs and other retention-minded efforts
  • Evaluate acquisition sources based on predicted long-term value to ensure program efficacy

Decrease churn

  • Protect your investments by predicting and preventing disengagement

  • Pinpoint the individual customers and newsletter subscribers predicted to opt-out from your email communications

  • Control message cadence and suppress individuals from your email sends until they are no longer predicted to disengage

  • Deliver messaging to these customers on other channels, such as through mobile push notifications through Sailthru Mobile Manager or retarget via Facebook through our one-click integration

Advance segmentation

  • Save time and out-perform classical segmentation with predictions

  • More accurately and easily identify your top customers and readers based on future behaviors rather than through time-intensive approaches like recency-frequency-monetary modeling

  • Quickly create and test the value of new approaches to customer segmentation using combinations of interests and intent

  • Have the freedom to develop messaging and marketing strategies tied to future behaviors to increase ARPU and nurture customers to purchase

Increase email response

  • Predict email response behaviors to increase email engagement

  • Identify which specific newsletter subscriber will open email and their clickthrough rate

  • Suppress readers not predicted to open and test subject lines to increase open rate among audiences not predicted to engage  

  • Combine email response with purchase predictions to automatically optimize email messaging based on future behaviors, serving content-focused messaging to those predicted to engage with email, but not predicted to buy; serve product focused emails to those predicted to engage and convert

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Insights Center

Measure. Analyze. Adapt.

Sustainable marketing balances short-term needs and long-term goals. Sailthru makes it easy to measure success in the moment and over time. With this intelligence, marketers connect their retention and acquisition programs to acquire higher-value customers, increase retention and realize incremental revenue. Welcome to the Insights Center.

Measure True Performance

Historically, measuring your retention efforts required expensive software and months of set-up to understand lifetime value. That’s why many marketers choose to spend more on acquisition: it’s easy to measure dollars out vs. dollars in. Lifetime value has more variables to consider but is ultimately more profitable. With Sailthru, you can increase efficiencies with real-time updates, campaign data and customizable reporting. Stop drowning in spreadsheets—easily access the intelligence you need, when you need it. CLV can be as simple as ABC.

Identify Gaps

Every opportunity matters. Competition for consumer attention and dollars is ever-increasing. You must have visibility into engagement and purchasing trends to succeed. With Sailthru, you’ll have the tools you need to optimize customer lifetime value. Increase revenue by playing to your strengths and identifying opportunities for growth, and stop paying for drive-by customer acquisition.

Optimize Customer Retention

Insights Center empowers marketers with a unified view of their customers and a holistic view of their retention efforts. With Sailthru, retailers and publishers identify new marketing strategies that improve ROI and grow their businesses. Innovative marketers like JustFab, Business Insider, and The Economist choose Sailthru to power their retention efforts, and you can too.

Insights Center Capabilities

Campaign Reports
Performance Dashboards
Retention Analytics

Campaign Reports

Gain granular level insights with standard reports into customer retention efficacy including campaigns, transactions, testing efforts, and source sign up

Performance Dashboards

Easily view critical aspects of customer retention efforts including campaigns, top items sold, top content, clicks and more.

Retention Analytics

Analyze business performance and deliver longitudinal testing analysis and trending insights against goals and co-horts

Personalization Engine

Profile. Transform. Act.

Machine-learning is the new foundation for modern marketing. Sailthru’s technology solves the most complex challenges faced by retailers and publishers. We enable marketers to retain more customers and generate more revenue through patented data collection and proprietary algorithms. Meet Personalization Engine.

Generate Profiles

Increasing customer retention is the most significant driver for achieving a single customer view for more than 50% of marketers. At the same time, ensuring the successful flow of information across departmental silos is a leading challenge for more than 60% of organizations. With Sailthru, you’ll find a single solution to build comprehensive customer profiles. Easily integrate email, web, mobile, commerce and offline data to ensure that every channel improves every other channel, simultaneously.

Automate Analysis

Deriving intelligence from data can be difficult. Sailthru makes it easy. Our proprietary algorithms analyze consumer behavior, predict future behaviors and identify the content and products most relevant to your individual customers and readers. With Sailthru, you’ll have the tools needed to focus on your marketing strategy rather than your marketing operations. Some of Sailthru’s best customers like Source Media have realized a 720% increase in operational efficiency. You can too. Stop manual curation and increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

Deliver 1:1

Retention requires relevancy. Consumers expect contextual, personalized engagement. With Sailthru, you’ll engage with your customers and audiences on an individual basis. At Sailthru, individual profile data is in a single profile, instantly actionable and an integrated part of our core technology. All without the need for lengthy professional services projects at an additional cost. Reap the benefits of delivering the experiences your customers demand.

Personalization Engine Capabilities



At the core of Sailthru’s Personalization Engine, Profiles on individual consumers are updated in real-time with information gathered from consumer interactions with the brand, including explicit data and implicit data


A powerful predictive algorithm that analyzes the behavior of millions of consumers in Profiles, intelligently automating the grouping and scoring of potential future consumer behavior for better retailer and publisher decision-making


A proprietary algorithm that leverages Profiles to automate the targeting of content relevant to a specific consumer across all touchpoints, including email, websites and mobile

Cloud Platform

Integrate. Modernize. Relax.

Top-performing brands have bridged the gap between marketing and technology. Sailthru allows you to manage your business rather than manage infrastructure. Our suite of back-end and developer tools enable innovation, while our secure environment allows you to operate with confidence. Explore the Sailthru Cloud Platform.

Drive Innovation

Consumers won’t wait for you. Marketing has changed more in the last five years than it has in the last century and the pace of change continues unabated. With Sailthru, you’ll realize new innovations without the need to plan and resource for new software versions or upgrades. Get ahead of your consumers rather than falling behind.

Continuously Scale

Growth must be managed. Increasing your customer base and expanding your marketing to new channels requires technologies designed for the future of marketing. With Sailthru, retailers and publishers grow with confidence knowing they are backed by our high availability and uptime, a secure data environment and a proven track record of simultaneously delivering hundreds of billions of email messages, website experiences and mobile messages. Minimize process complexity and improve your customer experience with confidence.

Connect Technologies

Your marketing must be seamless. To succeed, you need to create an ecosystem that works harmoniously. With Sailthru, you’ll seamlessly integrate your retention, acquisition and experience management technologies. Our open architecture is driven by robust APIs and our partner program, Compass, provides over 50 out-of-the box integrations with the most advanced commerce and publishing technologies used by modern retailers and publishers. Engage, manage and control at the speed of the modern consumer.

Sailthru Cloud Platform Capabilities

Secure Data Environment
Isolated Client Instance
Global Release Deployment
Customer Retention Services
Open Customer Retention APIs
Mobile SDK
User Administration

Secure Data Environment

Provides redundant point-of-delivery systems built across nodes to securely and reliably power the cloud

Isolated Client Instance

Logically and virtually isolated from all other merchant environments through multiple levels of security

Global Release Deployment

New features and enhancements are delivered to all clients without interruption

Customer Retention Services

Core customer retention capabilities that run in the cloud and power the applications and Personalization Engine

Open Customer Retention APIs

RESTful APIs to allow outside web & enterprise software to interface with all customer retention functionality

Mobile SDK

Create customer retention experiences in native applications for mobile devices 


Extend the power of development with the ability to script code that leverages Sailthru’s Personalization Engine.

User Administration

Ensure security by creating, modifying or deleting users, with the appropriate level of access, rights, and permissions.