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Future-proof your brand with Marigold Grow

86% of consumers will trade personal and preference data for early or exclusive access. Creating a value exchange with your customers for zero- and first-party data lets you harness the power of deeper personalization even as the world of privacy evolves. Stay a step ahead of the customer through a proactive approach to the customer journey.

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Move from reactive to proactive with Marigold Grow to future-proof your brand.

The Marigold Grow advantage.


Unlimited lifetime data storage

With Marigold Grow, the data you gather through each customer value exchange is automatically sent to User Profiles where it will stay for the lifetime of your account at no additional cost. Continually add data for new customers and enrich data for existing customers without worrying about overages or running out of room.



No code required

Marigold Grow is designed to help non-technical marketers capture zero and first-party data, without requiring them to have experience coding. Once you’re up and running in the offering, creating a new experience is as easy as dragging and dropping the elements you want to use and include.



Seamless personalization

Once you’ve collected data from your new and existing customers through an experience, each data point is ready for you to pull into your cross-channel messages. From SMS and email to web and push, personalizing your customers’ journeys has never been easier.


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