The pioneer in email innovation.

As the largest sender of personalized email in the world, we can handle every email need you can throw at us. Send all your email with confidence on one trusted, email marketing platform.

Thousands of leading marketers choose Marigold Engage by Sailthru.

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Start a conversation, not a campaign.

“Sailthru’s personalization algorithms and lifecycle optimization capabilities have really set them apart from other ESPs we have used. Because Sailthru has email, mobile, and onsite solutions, we have been able to implement more personalized messaging across every channel."

Kelly Hickey, Senior Manager, Email and CRM

increase in total revenue


increase in open rate


Why Marigold Engage by Sailthru Email?


Personalization is essential.

More than ever, email is the most important channel for communicating with your customers. We make it possible for teams of all sizes to personalize email, resulting in increased engagement, revenue and lifetime value. And rather than masking dynamic segmentation as personalization, we can send 5 million different emails to 5 million consumers, all from a single template, personalized at the individual level for interests, behaviors and purchasing histories.



Lifecycle email marketing is critical.

Triggered email can generate as much as 77% of your email marketing program’s revenue, according to the Data & Marketing Association. With Marigold Engage by Sailthru, there is unlimited potential for your lifecycle email marketing. Our drag-and-drop journey builder helps small, agile teams go big with email, while offering the flexibility and power for any enterprise use case. Need help getting started? No problem. We offer pre-built lifecycle “recipes” so you have all the ingredients you need for engaging customers from signup to loyalty membership.


We’re more than a platform.

Email and cross-channel marketing are constantly evolving, so we go above and beyond to be with you every step of the way. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will serve as your guide for turning your strategy into action. Our Strategy & Optimization team will uncover your opportunities and keep you sharp on your program’s performance. Last but certainly not least, our Deliverability team helps you mitigate risk, ensuring that you’re following best practices in regards to inbox placement, government regulations, ISP policies and more.



You can count on us.

We’ve made it our mission to consistently deliver your messaging reliably and fast, which is why we own our email infrastructure from the moment you hit send until the ISP receives it. As a top global email sender, our full-time Deliverability team maintains close relationships with ISPs and helps you — and us —have one of the most prestigious sender reputations in the business.