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Maintaining Exceptional Engagement with Automation and A/B Tests

Maintaining Exceptional Engagement with Automation and A/B Tests image

A/B testing subject lines generates higher open rates


Personalizing the CTA helps drive signups to other newsletters every day


How switching to Sailthru frees the Morning Brew team to spend their time wowing their loyal readership

Keeping the Referral Program Rock Solid with Automation

Referrals are in Morning Brew’s DNA. During its first few months, the newsletter’s readership organically grew to a few thousand by word of mouth. Today, reader referrals still supplement Morning Brew’s growth, accounting for 30% of its 2.5 million subscribers. In the past, tracking referrals was a manual, time-consuming task that had to be done multiple times a day. With unique Lifecycle Optimizer flows in Sailthru, and custom fields and templates for each checkpoint in the program, the team can automate the referral process and spend that time thinking strategically about how to use that data to inform other decisions.

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Seeing the Same (Good) Results with Different CTAs

Toward the bottom of every Morning Brew newsletter, readers see plugs for its other newsletters and a link to “Share the Brew.” Despite being virtually the same every day, the call-to-action consistently drives nearly 1,000 signups to the other newsletter and more than 5,000 visits to Morning Brew’s podcast every day. That’s because the call-to-action is actually personalized by loyalty tier. Because the most loyal readers already know how the referral program works, Morning Brew frees up valuable newsletter real estate for new content. Additionally, readers only see links to sign up for the newsletters they don’t already receive.

Optimizing Opens with the Strongest Subject Lines

Morning Brew uses Sailthru’s A/B testing functionality to optimize subject lines, testing four of them for every newsletter. Though it’s usually close, the winners have generated up to 8% higher unique open rates. What’s more, the Brew opens these capabilities to its advertisers, ensuring they get the biggest bang for their buck. With Sailthru, advertisers can place variables on subscriber profiles to test their headlines within newsletters. It’s a win-win: Readers are served the most relevant content, while advertisers can learn what’s working best.

“Sailthru has blown us away with its powerful email products and dedication to customer success. Switching to Sailthru allowed us access to automation and flexibility that just wasn’t possible before. As a rapidly growing business with lean teams, we’ve been able to save time, evolve our marketing programs, and drive results.”

Jenny Rothenberg Director of Growth

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