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How RevZilla Evolved Its Email Program Beyond Batch-and-Blast

How RevZilla Evolved Its Email Program Beyond Batch-and-Blast image

Increase in triggered message revenue year-over-year


Increase in average order value


Increase in RPM


Increase in pageviews


RevZilla's road to personalization was paved by a strong lifecycle marketing foundation.

Automation Plus Personalization

Automating — and Personalizing — Individual Triggered Messages

Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer, combined with data-rich customer profiles and a focus on testing, helps RevZilla tailor triggered email streams that drive high conversion rates and customer lifetime value.

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Automation Plus Personalization

Betting On Browse Abandon

Turning Browsers Into Buyers with Lifecycle Optimizer

RevZilla has nearly two dozen unique browse abandon journeys in Lifecycle Optimizer, sending relevant and personalized follow-up messaging and increasing average order value by 50%.

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Betting On Browse Abandon

Welcome Series Evolution

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for New Customers

RevZilla started with a generic three-part welcome series. Today, the brand has more than 12 welcome series iterations with a heavier emphasis on personalizing based on customers’ riding styles. Year over year, the new welcome series has generated a 39% increase in revenue.

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Welcome Series Evolution

Interest-Based Triggers

Turning Interests Into Triggers

Looking to individual customers’ interests, RevZilla turned manual, one-off campaigns into automated series of triggered messages. So far, these drip series have generated 100% more in revenue compared to their manual sends. Total purchase volume is also up 30%.

Interest-Based Triggers

Out of Stock Messages

Streamlining Out of Stock Messaging

RevZilla has streamlined its tracking notifications and out of stock messaging, while featuring other recommendations for in-stock products the customer may like.

Out of Stock Messages
“Partnering with Marigold Engage by Sailthru allowed us to work smarter. Together, we as a team have been able to find opportunities to increase program sophistication while also tailoring our strategy to ultimately impact our bottom line.”

Andrew Lim Director of Retention Marketing

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