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How a Multichannel Approach Raised Repeat Purchases for Raise

How a Multichannel Approach Raised Repeat Purchases for Raise image

Increase in lifetime revenue


Increase in total revenue


Increase in open rate


Increase in click rate


With Lifecycle Optimizer, Raise acquires and nurtures new customers into VIPs.

Email With Impact

Setting a High Bar

Raise has high expectations for its technology partners and chose Sailthru because of our unique ability to offer intelligent cross-channel campaign orchestration, superior account management, dynamic segmentation, easy A/B testing, and more.

Raise Your Bar
Email With Impact

Elevate Acquisition

Boosting Average Order Value with Overlays

Including promotions on onsite Overlays encourages a higher average order value and more loyalty. Members who take advantage of this offer are 44% more likely to make additional purchases.

Elevate Acquisition

1:1 Personalization

Applying the Right Algorithms

Raise utilizes Sailthru’s User Profiles to make interest-based recommendations alongside a “what’s popular” algorithm, generating a 10x lift in clickthrough rates and revenue.

1:1 Personalization

A Lasting Welcome

The Welcome Series That Inspires Action

Nurturing customers from their first purchase to their second can be tricky. Testing “buy now, save now” and “buy now, save later” promotions, Raise saw 40% of members move from their first order to their second within 30 days.

A Lasting Welcome

Mobile messaging

Automating Mobile Messages that Convert

Adding automated push notifications to its mobile messaging mix allows Raise to communicate directly with members at the right time. Since Raise deployed this strategy, purchase frequency is up 13%.

Mobile messaging

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