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Sailthru + Liveclicker

Sailthru is the largest sender of personalized email. Liveclicker is a leader in real-time email personalization. Together, we help marketers turn more shoppers into buyers, and build obsessive customer loyalty. We’re also both part of CM Group — a family of email and multichannel marketing brands with 70,000+ customers across the globe.

How we work together
solving real retail use cases

Industry-Recognized Awards

  • Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multichannel Marketing Hubs

  • The Forrester Wave

  • Digiday Technology Awards

  • eTail Best-In-Class Awards

  • UK Digital Growth Award

  • Martech Breakthrough Award

Thousands of marketers choose
Sailthru + Liveclicker for personalized email.

We’re more than a best-in-breed ESP.

Email is Sailthru’s love language, but we also deliver cross-channel coordinated messaging across mobile and web, too. The best part, though, is our people. Because people-first marketing requires a tech partner that *gets it* to make it happen.

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Give your email that je ne sais quoi.

Liveclicker helps you stand out with a whole new level of personalization, both before and after emails are sent — because moment-of-open personalization = 💖. We also help marketers do more with less, and play nice with any ESP... but especially Sailthru.

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Our Success

Sailthru Success

Personalization in practice

With the power of Sailthru, retailers like you are able to activate more broswers into buyers, boost average order value, reduce attrition risks, and increase customer lifetime value. Find out how our customers are making it happen.

Liveclicker success

Real-time for real life

Liveclicker enables personalization at the moment of open, helping marketers adjust emails at any time—even after they reach the inbox—so your message is always relevant and impactful. Enterprise brands across industries use Liveclicker to drive email engagement, improve workflows, and be more nimble.

"Dynamic content helps us personalize at scale and keep customers engaged. With interactive offers, we’re able to keep customers coming back to email as a source of information and entertainment. Plus, with Liveclicker, we got an entire day of work back!"

Faith Bukauskas
Senior Email Marketing Analyst

"Sailthru has proven to be a true partner in that they understand our business goals, opportunities, and challenges, and enable us to personalize our cross-channel marketing communications seamlessly and efficiently."

Lindsay McGovern
Senior Director of CRM and Lifecycle Marketing

“Partnering with Sailthru allows us to work smarter. Together, we as a team have been able to find opportunities to increase program sophistication while also tailoring our strategy to ultimately impact our bottom line.”

Andrew Lim
Director of Retention Marketing

“WIth Sailthru and Liveclicker, we've been making positive impacts to our bottom line. In tandemn, their premium solutions are not only game-changing but incredibly easy to use.”

Donald Baal
Senior Director of Digital Marketing at NASCAR

"Each customer interaction offers an opportunity for more personalized, targeted email. By testing and learning, we’ve been able to drive highly profitable performance across the board."

Sandra Cordero
Manager of CRM