Retailer & Consumer Study: Where do retailers and consumers disagree on personalization?


Study trends from our top performers and take away strategies for company growth — no matter where you are in your journey.

This year’s best retail brands

Learn all about the 2022 Retail Personalization Index’s Top 100 brands and their winning personalization approaches.


How Retailers Can Better Serve Customers Through Personalization

Where do retailers and consumers disagree when it comes to cross-channel personalization?

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Marketing to Gen Z

A new generation of consumers is here. So, how can your brand connect with Gen Z to rewrite the rules of retail?

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Thrive Market personalizes shopping by diet, brand, and budget for every buyer — and more than one million members.


Looking Fashion Forward: 6 Best Email Marketing Practices for Footwear Retailers for 2022

How are brands like Reebok, Famous Footwear, and Adidas using personalization to stay ahead of competitors and win new customers?

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How MZ Wallace Relaunched Its Loyalty Program to Drive Repeat Purchases

With record loyalty program growth and a need to incorporate new martech, prioritizing personalization became this brand’s best move.

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"Sailthru has proven to be a true partner in that they understand our business goals, opportunities, and challenges, and enable us to personalize our cross-channel marketing communications seamlessly and efficiently."


“Since partnering with Sailthru, we’ve seen significant gains across key performance indicators like a nearly 56% increase in email driven-conversions year-over-year. Sailthru’s advanced technology and helpful staff makes the process seamless.”

Eliza Sniatkowksi
Digital Marketing Manager

Enhance Your One-to-One Personalization with Minimal Effort

The move to cross-channel experiences doesn’t mean customers no longer want brand relationships — in fact, it’s quite the opposite!

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3 Ways to Build a Winning Email Strategy in 2022

Email and retail marketing are both on the verge of a fundamental transformation.

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6 Data-Driven Tips to Improve Your Email Engagement Rate

Here are six data-driven retail marketing strategies proven to boost the impact of every email message you send.

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Customer Testimonials

Why retail’s top brands and fastest-growing companies trust us.

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How to Personalize First-Time Shopper Experiences

A few well-chosen data points can help you personalize first-time shopper experiences to serve up relevant content.

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3 Ways to Build Back-in-Stock Notification Success

Back-in-stock notifications will be key to creating continuous engagement and a more satisfying, effective path to purchase for every ecommerce buyer.

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5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Ecommerce Brand

Measuring the impact of your brand is tricky. Clicks and opens, for example, tell you that the message was delivered — but offer little insight as to what effect it had.

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