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Thrive Market, the organic grocery and home products retailer, has been providing a highly personalized experience for five years. Members enjoy generous Thrive Cash rewards for referring friends and making purchases, while knowing their memberships also sponsor families in need (they can also choose to donate their savings to a worthy cause with Thrive Gives). Thrive Market’s in-depth onboarding quiz asks new shoppers 11+ questions to understand everything from their beauty routine to the type of wine they enjoy most (boasting a ‘clean’ program with curated biodynamic wine that’s always under $15 per bottle). Once the retailer understands who you are and what you’re shopping for, its AI chooses which products of its towering inventory (500+ products just in its cleaning category) to recommend.

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Email personalization

When consumers choose Thrive, they’re joining a community of 500,000+ members — but Thrive emails don’t make you feel like one in the same. Highly-curated product recommendations, based on answers to the brand’s extensive onboarding survey, provide a personalized experience on email that rivals the curation within your Thrive box.
Email personalization

Most comprehensive onboarding quiz on the Index

Thrive Market’s comprehensive onboarding quiz paired with the site’s hyper-filtering, by ‘lifestyle’ like vegan or nut-free, provide consumers with an endless combination of unique criteria — resulting in an easy and seamless shopping experience. The site learns what you like to cook, bake and can even prioritize which cleaning products and snacks (its largest category offering) to suggest based on your lifestyle.
Most comprehensive onboarding quiz on the Index

Advanced filtering and recommendations

Every product on Thrive Market is tagged according to 150+ certifications and quality standards, according to its website. That means the options are endless but Thrive provides recommendations based on previously viewed items and segments customers into the proper profiles to find them items they’ll love and feel great using.
Advanced filtering and recommendations

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