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All hail the queen! Sephora reigns supreme at the #1 spot on the Retail Personalization Index for the fourth year in a row.


The global beauty retailer is renowned for its pioneering approach to digital, as well as its stellar in-store experiences and services delivery.

With frequent personalized shopper updates, the brand sees customer experience as its top priority across every channel. From the first interaction, Sephora quickly learns customers’ unique interests and engagement patterns to make interactions as relevant as possible.

Sephora also has one of retail’s best loyalty programs, which adds deep personalization to digital and in-store interactions. its mobile app combines innovative tech like augmented reality (AR) and personalized, in-app messaging that aligns your site, mobile, and email content to the consumer’s behavior. The app even greets you with “Good evening, Monica,” and changes its info display dynamically when you open the app later. 

Sephora’s emphasis on digital has allowed it to prosper during a time when many brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to stay open. Convenient, personalized customer experiences give this brand the backbone to efficiently move in-store interactions into online ones that feel just as interactive.


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Why we love Sephora

1:1 personalization at every touchpoint

The beauty leader provides a personalized experience for each customer, regardless of how they first engage with the brand. By interacting with customers via site, email, and mobile devices, the brand creates a customized omnichannel storefront for every individual shopper. Beyond collaborative filtering and attribute-based product recommendations, Sephora uses customer sign-up data and purchase information to make recommendations that not only fit their product interests, but complements their beauty profile as well.

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Loyal community of Beauty Insiders

The loyal customer base of this retail giant enjoys its multi-tiered Beauty Insider program, where shoppers engage with a community of like-minded beauty lovers to talk products, makeup ideas, skincare results, beauty routines  and everything in between. Plus, brand-created beauty profiles let every shopper share their reviews and be seen by other customers. Many competitors have either not prioritized this type of community building, or aren’t successfully hooking members the way Sephora is.

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Bringing in-store fun to your home during COVID

While many retail brands struggled to make new customer touchpoints support their brands during this pandemic, Sephora continued to thrive. The brand continues to provide its renowned try-before-you-buy service through virtual reality (VR) services and virtual tutorials. Virtual personal shopping experiences and skincare consultations also provide customers with a personalized, familiar in-store shopping experience from inside the comfort of their own home.

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