Adidas is nearing the end of its five-year brand strategy that launched in 2015, called Creating the New. The retailer announced it would invest in ecommerce to improve sales with an ‘omnichannel and customized approach.’ We certainly think it’s working as the retailer maintained a top spot on the Index. Adidas also announced the aim of increasing awareness through advertising campaigns. This year, it beautifully crafted that sentiment with Pharrell’s ‘Now is Her Time,’ featuring pregnant and breastfeeding women in Adidas sneakers. Along with ‘Change In Play,’ which spotlights women breaking barriers in sports, the campaign reaches an important segment of its audience in new ways. The best part about Adidas? The more you engage with the brand (on all channels) the more Creators Club reward points you receive.

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2018: #10 , 2017: #49
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2019 score: 64


Why we love Adidas

Engagement equals customization

Adidas warmly onboards new customers with an extensive quiz, creating one of the most complex customer profiles on the Index with multiple digital touchpoints. The more shoppers engage with the app, the quicker they gain access to fresh insights, trends and athletic inspiration. Highly personalized content follows engagement, from athlete news, to product collaborations and alerts when your favorite sneakers go on sale.
Engagement equals customization

Creators Club

Sneakerheads everywhere, rejoice. The Adidas Creators Club offers a loyalty program with custom picks and members perks. Adidas members are rewarded with the best in sports and fashion, as well as rewards and points for engaging with the app. Whether it’s through leaving reviews or placing orders, customers can unlock new levels and discounts the more they log on.
Creators Club

Best in class mobile app

Adidas' mobile app makes it easy for shoppers to connect to the in-store experience, including exclusive events, click and collect options, and more. Visual search allows customers to snap a photo of a piece of retail they envy. Adidas then does its best to match the item to something in its inventory, but fear not if you don't find the perfect match -- the app is an endless resource of inspiring content, product suggestions and customized offers.
Best in class mobile app

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