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Everything at Best Buy stores promotes browsing with real-life product experts, who are even accessible via app, which serves as your personal, albeit nerdy, digital guru. Comparing products is simple in-store, onsite and on the app, where consumers can read thousands of product reviews, view specs side-by-side or visit the digital retailer’s designated brand sections, kind of like their own islands, within the Best Buy store. Best Buy also offers a unified profile, ensuring a consistent customer experience across different channels, including phone calls with support teams and product experts. In addition, the brand’s website is localized, showing shoppers the hours, services and inventory at their preferred Best Buy store.

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2018: #21 , 2017: #57
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2019 score: 67


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My Best Buy program

Best Buy's long-standing rewards program is a top driver of loyalty for the brand, and is well integrated across all its digital channels. Customers enjoy exclusive perks and access, can order online and pick up in-store, access dedicated support specialists, and generous cash back rewards.
My Best Buy program

Cross-category recommendations

Best Buy leverages artificial intelligence on its website to power intelligent browse results on the homepage. An elegant email cadence that changes over time, based on a shopper’s interaction with the website, also follows up a purchase with the retailer and offers smart suggestions between different product categories in emails.
Cross-category recommendations

Intelligent use of customer data

The company built a customer database, complete with tens of thousands of attributes, that inform every aspect of a shopper’s journey with the brand. A unified profile ensures that interactions are consistent in email, online and even on the phone with support teams or product experts. The profile is unified on each platform so shopper’s experience the same shopping history, and ‘you might also like’ collaborative-based product recommendations.
Intelligent use of customer data

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