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The tech retail superstore jumped up from #5 to #3 on this year’s Index. Why? Because Best Buy is a de facto leader in areas like curbside pickup and mobile, which is making the brand stand out even more through the pandemic.


Whether customers are building out their home office or home entertainment system, they can always turn to this brand for help. Its popular rewards program, which attracts and retains loyal shoppers as well as any program across the industry, treats every member like a VIP. 

Recently, Best Buy expanded its specialized services offerings to help customers navigate any project virtually. And as one of the first retailers to offer curbside pickup, the brand is well positioned to continue growing no matter what comes next, with its laser focus on customer satisfaction.


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Best Buy

Why we love Best Buy

Curbside pickup excellence

“Get it fast and free, ready in one hour,” is Best Buy’s curbside pickup moto. Once a customer places an order, they’re given a one-hour fulfillment guarantee, plus receive important information about the pickup process and real-time multichannel notifications to make sure they know the status of their order. There’s even an option to have someone else pick up the order, which is key given how many people are running errands for older, sick and at-risk loved ones.

First-class customer support

Technology can be tricky, no matter how much of a pro you may think you are after watching a YouTube video or two. Which is why Best Buy’s attention to every customer experience goes above and beyond. Through the use of live chat and knowledgeable representatives available in-store, online, and over the phone, experts can talk customers through product troubleshooting, setup, and assistance with any online account issues that may occur.

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Loyalty program with serious loyalty

In addition to its internal Geek Squad, Best Buy has its own squad of loyal customers, too. Through its tiered rewards program, My Best Buy, the brand keeps its tech enthusiasts engaged by adding gamification and level-ups to unlock better loyalty reward tiers.

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