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Bloomingdale’s didn’t make our top 25 list last year. So how did this brand skyrocket to the coveted #4 spot in this year’s Retail Personalization Index?


As one of the 29% of companies in this year’s Index that offered curbside pickup (as well as an online store locator to help shoppers find these locations), Bloomingdale’s communication initiatives are built to handle the rapid changes COVID-19 causes.

This year, it will use personalization to drive the brand’s small-store (a.k.a. Bloomie’s) initiative forward. Through seamless interactions and intertwined digital communication channels, Bloomingdale’s will showcase the value of highly engaged, service-driven shopping experiences going forward.


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Why we love Bloomingdale’s

Extra personal preference center

Never underestimate the power of a strong preference center: they give this brand explicit shopper data about what consumers want and how they want to hear from you. Bloomingdale’s preference center allows customers to select their sizes for different types of clothing, favorite designers, and the local store they usually shop at so emails and notifications can be targeted to their unique interests. The personalized preference center also lets users decide how they receive information from the brand (email, app, notification, SMS message, or any combination of channels) and whether or not they get in-store receipts delivered digitally.

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In-store and digital connection

This legendary department store makes shopping more convenient for customers by linking its traditional brick-and-mortar experience with its digital presence. Customers have the ability to see which products are in stock at their preferred store before placing an order from their mobile device for in-store or curbside pickup.

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Turning channels into opportunities

Bloomingdale’s covers all engagement points through its cross-channel approach. Customers can learn about sales and special events via email, app notifications, in-app messaging, or SMS messages—a communication suite only 19% of retail brands in this Index offer—to meet customers where they’re most active and likely to convert. 

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