If you’re an indecisive shopper then you might fear a catalogue of 1.2 billion (yes, billion) items, but eBay makes it shockingly simple and natural to shop, compare and save. The digital-first brand leads the pack in AI technology and effortlessly applies new features to its app, website and email campaigns to nurture customers and point them toward the perfect items — with millions of customer reviews and digital touchpoints to transform a shopper’s indecision into certainty (no matter which platform they use). This year the online marketplace launched many new initiatives to further simplify its enormous catalogue offering. Shoppers can leverage smart technology, such as image search, to use photos to shop eBay’s inventory and click on the popular ‘looks like this’ feature to find similar items that may pique their interest more than the original search result. AI also enabled eBay to launch new product recommendations based on ‘regional shopping variations’ and our favorite new unreleased feature, ‘trending in your interests’.

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Why we love eBay

Save and watch triggers

With such a huge product offering, it’s no wonder that customers love eBay’s alerts about its product inventory. When shoppers heart an item it’s saved to a watchlist where they’ll receive custom alerts for price drops, low inventory or back-in-stock notifications. Last year eBay had the strongest retargeting campaign of previously viewed and abandoned items — taking it one step further this year with save and watch functionality.
Save and watch triggers

Interests custom homepage

eBay’s ‘interests’ feed allows customers to curate their own homepage — based on the items they love that cross different categories. Social photos and deep user-generated content position the retailer as one of the most complex ‘rate and review’ players on the Index.
Interests custom homepage

On-brand messaging with product recommendations

Ebay messaging performs well in customer inboxes— with a warm welcome email that includes products the shopper browsed — including ‘more from this seller’ and ‘people who viewed this also viewed’ product recommendations for last-minute nudges. Looking ahead the brand will soon launch more ‘human-curated content’ using smart technology for its Daily Deal offers and Editor’s Picks to ‘further blur human touch and machine learning’.
On-brand messaging with product recommendations

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