Personalization is the hallmark of the customer experience for JustFab. Like its TechStyle Fashion Group sister brand ShoeDazzle, JustFab offers a warm welcome in the form of an onboarding style quiz, the results of which live in robust user profiles alongside every customer’s behavioral and browsing history. From its first touch through point of purchase, JustFab understands the customer journey, offering out some of the strongest personalized recommendations of any brand we evaluated. JustFab is also a master of peppering them throughout every customer communication, basing email subject lines and hero images on customers’ preferred product categories.

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2018: #8 , 2017: #72
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2019 score: 58


Why we love JustFab

Category and product level email personalization

JustFab often surfaces promotions in email featuring categories you’ve expressed an interest in or shopped for in the past. Customers might notice the category first in the subject line and header image. But the on-trend fashion brand doesn’t stop there — not only is the category front and center, but you can also shop personalized product recommendations within that email. A seamless email to website experience has never been easier for the JustFab VIP shopper.
Category and product level email personalization

Warm onboarding and instant relevance

JustFab understands customer behavior, offering the same extensive onboarding quiz that checks the digital touchpoints required by its shoppers. ‘It’s girls’ night out, which will you wear?’ complete with shoe size, heel preference, clothing size, birthday and capping the questions off with, do you have children below the age of 10 make JustFab’s onboarding one of the most in-depth surveys among the brands on the Index. Customers can also choose ‘surprise me,’ which isn’t a bad choice if a shopper wants to browse in a rush, especially since the brand will get to know your style better than you before long.
Warm onboarding and instant relevance

Interest-based recommendations for every shopper

JustFab takes 1:1 personalization with customers to the next level, using sophisticated product recommendations that go beyond collaborative filtering. In addition to sharing complementary items to complete the look, JustFab serves interest-based recommendations at the individual level to its shopper. The website also has a ‘What’s Trending’ tab to keep shopper’s looking their best and informed on the newest styles.
Interest-based recommendations for every shopper

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