While Nordstrom has been investing in its brick-and-mortar locations, the luxury retailer has also extended its resources to mobile and email, coming in with near-perfect scores in both categories. The brand — which owns big names like HauteLook, Trunk Club and Jeffrey Boutique — jumped six spots on this year’s Index and recently launched a new online shopping category called ‘Sustainable Style,’ which offers more than 2,000 products for eco-conscious consumers. Nordstrom strikes the best balance between traditional and modern CX on the Index. The Nordy Club loyalty program provides a well-balanced fusion between the two with digital and real-life rewards like at-home stylists, curbside pickup and free alterations. Nordstrom’s digital personalization provides a first-class recommendation engine with ‘more looks for you’ suggestions and great deals on popular items straight to a shopper’s inbox, complete with name, products and loyalty-point personalization.

Previous Rank:
2018: #8 , 2017: #62
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2019 score: 77


Why we love Nordstrom

Uber-modern site personalization

Nordstrom is a leader in CX with well-appointed digital properties, such as its highly personalized website, and especially its homepage, featuring a host of attribute-based product recommendations, category recommendations, a ‘more looks for you’ section that allows shoppers to browse endless stylist-chosen outfits based on your shopping history with advanced filtering options like ‘shop looks by activity’.
Uber-modern site personalization

In-store connected mobile app

The Nordstrom app offers ‘Store Mode,’ providing its esteemed white-glove customer service to its mobile offering. Shoppers can locate a nearby store, book an appointment with a personal shopper, scan and shop, manage rewards and check inventories all at the swipe of a finger. Extensive reviews and styling tips on the app make it the perfect personal shopping companion, complete with clothing reserve on the app for in-store try on.
In-store connected mobile app

Highly customizable preference center

Nordstrom’s preference center offers dynamic settings that combine with a shopper’s cumulative purchase and browsing history to inform the retailer’s well-timed emails. ‘Inspired by your shopping’ and ‘new markdowns on brands and styles you love!’ offer curated discounts and spot-on attribute and collaborative-based recommendations.
Highly customizable preference center

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