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Nordstrom is a customer experience legend. This year, the brand maintains strong positioning due to its fierce commitment to customer loyalty.


Nearly everything Nordstrom does is considered both an industry best practice and a best practice within our Index. The brand is known and admired by all within retail for its seemingly seamless transition from traditional department store to digital powerhouse. Few brands have maintained the true essence of the in-store experience and translated it so well, and so fast, to digital. Like a few others at the top this year’s Index, in 2020 Nordstrom made curbside pickup and virtual services core elements to attract and engage new shoppers going forward.


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Why we love Nordstrom

Stylized product recommendations

Nordstrom takes product recommendations to a new level of personalization with great on-site user experiences. Just by browsing a product, shoppers are shown the similar and related products based on user attributes, sizes frequently chosen, and styles that they might like. Nordstrom goes above and beyond, though, by recommending entire outfits that go with the browsed product, curated by personal stylists, whose personal pages can be viewed on-site as well.

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Tailored triggers

Triggered email is a retail marketer’s best friend. Nordstrom amps up triggers like cart abandonment with additional product recommendations the previously viewed product didn’t hit their mark. The brand also seeks to re-engage customers who have previously purchased or created an account, but have not engaged with the brand since. Unique discount codes and personalized sale offers are key tactics that Nordstrom uses to keep consumers interested in shopping both online and in-store.

Augmented product offerings

In addition to offering almost everything under the sun when it comes to beauty products and apparel, Nordstrom offers services and external features for customers, such as free styling appointments with experts both in-person and virtually, exclusive beauty styling services, custom alterations and tailoring, and even some in-store restaurant and spa activities. All of these additional services provide shoppers with an exceptional experience beyond the traditional look, buy, and leave steps that many companies use.

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