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A new addition to the Index, offers an eclectic mix of furniture, home decor, jewelry, pet supplies, and personalization. Since 2014, the brand has been one of the first to embrace digital commerce in all forms.

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  • Founded 1999
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Department Store/Marketplace


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Product Tagging Highlights Best Sellers, Top-Rated Products, and Most-Liked Brands

Product badging and tagging makes a website easier to navigate, but takes it a step further by using its tags to highlight its most popular products and brands.

“Tips and Tricks” Article Personalized to Each Product Promotion’s Tips and Tricks blog is “your everything guide to living in style” and the content is tied with commerce with different articles personalized to each product promotion.

Push Notifications Segmented by Product Category of Interest

Push notifications have high engagement but can very easily cross a line into over-communicating. keeps it relevant by segmenting its push notifications into product categories of interest.

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