"The science of forward-looking predictions
can be used to decrease cost per acquisition."
Up to 49% reduction in subscriber
acquisition cost
Up to 107% increase in pageviews per user
in the next 30 days
300% increase
in audience reach


SheKnows Media is a digital media and women’s lifestyle site serving women content about fashion, health, career, parenting and much more. With 80 million monthly unique visitors, the digital publishing brand is expanding its reach across multiple forums. Sailthru worked with SheKnows Media using predictive analytics to drive new customer acquisition via Facebook lookalike modeling. Here were their goals:

  • Decrease subscriber acquisition costs
  • Increase target audience
  • Increase pageviews generated and click-through rate
  • Increase the quality of acquired subscribers



Through the use of retention data and predictions to power customer acquisition, SheKnows Media has experienced decreases in customer acquisition costs coupled with greater marketing reach and higher long-term value from newly acquired customers. With Sailthru’s Prediction Manager, SheKnows Media optimized customer acquisition with Facebook through:

  1. Using Sailthru to automatically build a single customer view by collecting customer behavioral and interest data from email, web, mobile and social
  2. Identifying the number of pageviews individual readers are most likely to produce in the next 30 days using Sailthru’s Prediction Manager
  3. Predicting the likelihood individual readers will clickthrough email in the next 7 days using Sailthru’s Prediction Manager
  4. Using Sailthru’s Audience Builder to segment their highest value readers and export to Facebook via a one-click integration with Facebook Custom Audiences
  5. Building a new target audience using Facebook lookalike audiences to acquire new subscribers predicted to deliver more pageviews (a proxy for average revenue per user / ARPU) at lower cost


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