"Increasing revenue using multichannel cart abandonment strategies"
+73 % Increase in Monthly Email Revenue

+36 % Lift In Monthly Revenue
Using Abandoned Cart Emails


Alex and Ani is one of the fastest-growing brands on the Internet Retailer Top 1,000 list. Their brand is known for high quality, thoughtfully manufactured, and sustainable jewelry. Before Sailthru, Alex and Ani engaged all customers with the same message, their goal was to transcend batch-and-blast marketing by:

  • De-siloing data to achieve a single customer view
  • Understanding individual behaviors and interests to more effectively segment customers
  • Deliver personalized product recommendations through email and web based on customer affinities
  • Increase average order value and decrease customer churn
  • Counteract cart abandonment with email marketing


Fighting cart abandonment starts with delivering a better experience. Alex and Ani leveraged multiple applications within the Sailthru Customer Retention Cloud to increase monthly email revenue by 73% and increase monthly revenue by 36% through abandoned cart email streams. With Sailthru, Alex and Ani is now able to:

  1. Collect email and website behavioral and interest data to create a single view of customers.
  2. Segment customers based on product affinities to increase purchase conversion for new product launches and specific marketing campaign pushes
  3. Personalize email and onsite experiences with dynamic recommendations based on customer profiles to increase long-term response and revenue.
  4. Deploy automated and tailored cart abandonment email streams to recapture revenue and engagement with product recommendations, discounts and other tactics.


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