Triggered messages account for more than three-quarters of email marketing revenue and why wouldn’t they? These behavior-based responses to specific customer behaviors are inherently personalized. Working with Marigold Engage by Sailthru, mobile payments platform Raise was able to tap into the power of lifecycle marketing and address each new member at the most relevant points of their customer journey.

Raise traditionally used a single generic email flow to nurture new members. Now, the company’s communications are far more personalized with 16 different flow entry points. These include separate welcome series for buyers and sellers, app installs and uninstalls, and replenishment reminders for members whose gift cards are running low.

An App Is Not Enough: Lifecycle Marketing on Every Channel

Raise saw success by incorporating lifecycle marketing into its email program, particularly its welcome series. However, Raise also recognized the importance of meeting customers wherever they may be, which increasingly means “on their phones.”

Using Sailthru to map out retargeting efforts with mobile push, encouraging brand-specific behaviors, general gift card replenishments and purchases. Done well, mobile messages can be just as effective as email. And Raise does it well: some 30% of the company’s successful conversions come from mobile email and push notifications.

With more than 500 retail partners, Raise supports more than 4,000 brands. Additionally, Raise members can make purchases online or at more than 300,000 brick-and-mortar stores. That makes it easy for Raise members to save money; it also makes it easy to overwhelm them.

However, Raise keeps members engaged with a personalized app experience. Combining a “what’s popular” algorithm with interests determined by individual user profiles, Raise highlights brands that are relevant to members and have traditionally high conversion rates, such as Macy’s, Best Buy and Nike. This resulted in a 10x lift in the form of higher clickthrough rates and increased revenue.

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