How Welcome Email Helps Raise Lift Loyalty Down the Line

Welcome series give brands the opportunity to put their best foot forward with new subscribers by emphasizing their values, sharing what sets them apart, and encouraging loyalty down the line. New subscribers are extraordinarily engaged; according to MarketingSherpa, the average open rate of a welcome email is more than 50%.

But how often do you sign up for the email list of a brand you’ve never heard of? We do that because we already feel positively toward a brand, a sentiment that likely begins on a website. Leveraging Sailthru technology, mobile payments platform Raise increased email acquisition onsite, with a modal that contributes to 20% of new signups each month. It also drives 15% of new buyers on a monthly basis.

Increasing Repeat Purchases With a Welcome Email

Raise continues to engage both new subscribers and new customers-turned-subscribers with a strong welcome email series designed to inspire action. Always testing, Raise experimented with different promotions during new customers’ onboarding. Following the first purchase, one welcome email offered a discount on the next purchase; another, the third purchase.

Both performed equally well. However, “buy now, save letter” also prompted an additional purchase and gave Raise an important insight. It told the brand that a future discount is just as compelling as immediate savings. At the same time, it led members to make that second purchase far more quickly, accelerating the transition from new customer to loyalist.

Working with Sailthru, Raise realized that 40% of members move from their first order to the second within a month. What’s more, 20% of new members make a third purchase during this time frame. And down the line, if someone makes five purchases within the first three months, there’s an 81% chance they will continue shopping with Raise.

“Sailthru’s client-first approach is second to none,” says Sarah Dorsey, Director of Email Marketing & CRM at Raise. “My Customer Success Manager truly looks out for the company’s best interest, offering a variety of tools to drive conversions and revenue.”

Click here to read our full case study to learn more about Raise’s success with Sailthru, including cross-channel customer acquisition, lifecycle marketing, and personalization.

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