"We have achieved great success with Sailthru’s Prediction Manager. We're looking forward to continuing to test the use of Prediction Manager and to finding new ways to leverage the vast troves of customer data that Sailthru enables us to collect, manage and measure."
40% reduction
in mobile subscriber acquisition cost
28% reduction in
desktop subscriber acquisition cost
20% higher expected
one-year lifetime value for desktop


Rent the Runway is a wildly successful startup and one of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 retailers. The company has disrupted the fashion industry by making luxury fashion accessible to millions of customers. To deliver that message to consumers who aren’t yet Rent the Runway customers, their acquisition team works with Sailthru to drive new customer acquisition via Facebook’s lookalike modeling tool, while other teams work with Sailthru to send high performance email. Rent the Runway’s acquisition goals include:

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs on mobile and on desktop
  • Increase total marketing reach
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Measure long-term value of newly acquired customers



By using predictions based on long-term behavioral data to power customer acquisition, Rent the Runway has decreased customer acquisition costs, increased audience reach and boosted long-term value from newly acquired customers. Prior to using Sailthru for optimized acquisition, Rent the Runway based lookalike modeling in Facebook on customers who had purchased in the last 180 days. With Sailthru, Rent the Runway optimizes customer acquisition with Facebook by:

  1. Using Sailthru to automatically build a single customer view by collecting customer behavioral and interest data from email, web and other digital channels
  2. Identifying individual customers most likely to purchase in the next 30 days using Sailthru’s Prediction Manager
  3. Using Sailthru’s Audience Builder to segment the customers predicted to purchase, and then exporting the list to Facebook via a one-click integration with Facebook Custom Audiences
  4. Building a new target audience using Facebook lookalike audiences to acquire new customers predicted to deliver more revenue at lower cost


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