As an assistant at Glamour magazine in the early 2000s, I recall being tasked with creating and sending out “Glamourgrams,” the brand’s email newsletter. Unlike today, there were no links to click on because there was no website to go to. It was the only way to proactively reach out to readers, save for subscription offers by mail. Social platforms eventually rose to prominence and pushed email to the back of the line. But everything old is new again and increasing email traffic is more important than ever.

It makes sense. Google and Facebook continue to dominate much of the media ecosystem, forcing publishers to comply with the whims of tech giants. Algorithm updates and policy changes can result in sweeping declines in traffic, followed by revenue. Now more than ever, publishers need to find reliable ways of reaching and retaining their highly engaged audiences.

Email presents a unique opportunity to do just that: reach a proprietary audience on your own terms and on your own cadence. What’s more, the channel offers repetition and control, two things that social media and SEO lack.

Through repetition and precision, email plays a pivotal role in helping to cultivate a loyal readership and differentiate your brand. Increasing traffic from email is a natural byproduct, especially now. Since the coronavirus pandemic began, engagement with media and subscription growth have skyrocketed.

In many ways, email has become the new homepage. Used to its full potential, email can be a valuable standalone product. Publishers should give the experience the same attention they would any other channel. Even if no money is changing hangs, email requires the reader to hand over something very valuable: direct access to their time and attention via the inbox. They deserve something special in return.

Increasing Traffic from Email: Whatever the Full Title Ends Up Being

That’s why I’ve worked with the Sailthru marketing team to develop Increasing Traffic from Email: A High-Impact Strategy Guide to Help Digital Media Brands Use Email to Drive Traffic, Loyalty and Profitability. After all, increasing traffic from email ultimately encourages repeat visits, more loyalty and monetization opportunities, and the ability to own relationship with your readers. Download the guide now to learn more about:

  • Personalization and segmentation
  • How to onboard new subscribers
  • Expanding opportunities for greater reach and engagement
  • Strategies for re-engaging lapsed and disengaged subscribers
  • Using email to drive alternative revenue
  • How to measure traffic from email