Anyone in the digital world who hasn’t read something about Mary Meeker’s 2015 Internet Trends report might actually be living under a rock. Every year, the industry anxiously awaits the mega report packed with mega trends — and once it hits, there’s an onslaught of brands and thought-leaders jockeying to be first to the feed, with tweets and posts regurgitating Meeker’s content. But when the dust settles, what matters most is how the behemoth presentation is interpreted to reveal perspectives on what the report REALLY means for businesses.

We already shared some of our thoughts about the report in this post from our Founder, Neil Capel, but there are a ton more we’ve been paying attention to.

Here are our favorite perspectives about this year’s edition: 

1 – Seth Berman on the ecommerce and marketplace implications. As the Head of Acquisition & Retention Marketing at Redbubble, it’s critical to pay attention to the underlying trends at hand. Every single digital touchpoint affects acquisition and retention marketing, and it’s why all retail marketers need to give this piece a read from a leader who is paving the way in customer experience. 

2 – Lauren Kaye of Brafton on the key content marketing takeaways. We all know that content marketing is becoming increasingly integral to all marketing strategies, at all types of organizations. Check out what this Marketing Editor thinks of the takeaways, and how to put your best content-foot forward.

3 – Andrea Wasserman on the quick and dirty retail highlights. Wasserman is a big player in the retail space as the SVP/GM of Ecommerce for both Hudson Bay and Lord & Taylor (translation: we bet she’s pretty busy). In this roundup, she details the 25 highlights all retailers should be aware of, with a no-frills attitude that anyone can get behind.

[Image Source: AdWeek]

Kristine Lowery, Content Marketing Manager at Sailthru