Sailthru Launches Second Annual Retail Personalization Index

Personalization is a game-changer for marketers, but executing it is easier said than done. Many don’t even know where to start, or where they stand in comparison to competitors and the market at large. That’s why Sailthru launched our first Retail Personalization Index last year. We surveyed 13,000 consumers and based on their responses, we […]

Behind the Retail Personalization Index: How We Ranked 100 Brands’ CX

When we began to create our first-ever Personalization Index, we knew it would be a massive undertaking. We already had a methodology framework we were using internally, called Experience the Brand, that our staff uses to better understand brands’ efforts at personalization. We spent all summer experiencing brands, which we selected based on reputation, category […]

8 Ways to Monetize Email Newsletters for Publishers

Email newsletters are pretty much ubiquitous, but when’s the last time you gave a fresh look at how you might monetize yours? Recently the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism presented a working paper that explores eight different email newsletter business models, including direct revenue generation, brand promotion, audience engagement and subscription conversion, among […]

Increasing Repeat Purchase Rates: New Growth from Current Customers

In the competitive, low-margin world of online retail, repeat purchases from loyal customers lead to long-term growth and increased market share. Amazon’s continually rising stock price (currently close to $1,700) shows that Wall Street has heard this message loud and clear. Despite years of razor-thin profits, investors continue to believe that Amazon’s more than 100 million […]

5 Mobile Messaging Metrics to Measure Success

Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a deep dive on mobile messaging, covering both beginner and more advanced strategies, why mobile sits at the crossroads of commerce, and the similarities between in-app notifications and email. A good mobile messaging strategy certainly inspires everything from tap-throughs to purchases. However, lots of activity doesn’t necessarily mean your […]

5 Re-Engagement Tactics for Reducing Churn

The key to monetizing an audience is retaining an audience. Or, to put another way, a loyal audience is a profitable audience. Bottom line: Once you get a subscriber, whether for an email newsletter or publication access, you don’t want her to churn away. But according to Email Monks, the average lists decays by 25% […]

Why Personalization is Your Best Strategy for Increasing Repeat Visits

Digital media readers that come back again and again bring with them a big financial boon. Because frequent visitors are more likely to register or subscribe and be more loyal, that leads to more pageviews and more revenue. One of the most powerful strategies for driving repeat visits is personalization, which shouldn’t be confused with […]

How to Generate Great First Impressions With Optimized Onboarding

First impressions are everything and every digital publisher should be making a great one. With carefully planned onboarding, the right welcome can engage readers and keep them coming back for more. Even for mobile app downloaders, a more engaged group by definition, onboard messaging is critical. Onboarding: What’s It All About? Onboarding originated as a […]

Why In-App Notifications Are the New Email

Most marketers know all about push notifications. They’re a bit more skeptical about in-app notifications. That’s a mistake. Why, exactly? Before we answer that question, let’s start with a primer for marketers who aren’t currently working a mobile messaging strategy, something most of the top performers on our Retail Personalization Index have in common. Push […]

When Mobile is the New Newsstand: Q&A with The AP’s Sean McCorkle

It’s no secret that many legacy publishers struggle with digital transformation. And few publishers are as “legacy” as the Associated Press, which dates back to 1846 when five New York City newspapers funded a pony express route through Alabama to deliver news of the Mexican War. Still, the AP has always been future-focused and navigated successfully […]
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