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We love data at Sailthru. The foundations of marketing and technology are based on it, and it’s why we partner with research houses like eMarketer.

Our Founder and Chairman, Neil Capel, recently joined eMarketer’s webinar on 7 trends in omnichannel marketing for 2015 with analyst Yory Wurmser. Here are the 3 stats we took away from the webinar that we think every single marketer in retail and ecommerce needs to know:

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1. Omnichannel is intrinsic to how most internet users shop.

While marketers think carefully about the different channel experiences, consumers simply don’t think of it that way. It’s become ingrained into their normal behavior of decision making and purchasing. Basically, consumers are probably way smarter and savvier than you might (foolishly) believe.

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2. Only 5% of US retailers in a 2014 survey said they had executed on most of their omnichannel strategy.

This isn’t surprising, as we know that true omnichannel in practice is still a huge hurdle for organizations. What is shocking about this chart? 37% of marketers feel they are LAGGING in omnichannel adoption — that is, they have just started to put their feelers out there. As an industry, there is still a long, winding road ahead for many brands. The silver lining from these stats: Brands, at large, are seeing omnichannel as an imperative, not just a buzzword.

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3. A unified customer view is proven to drastically boost growth rates.

This is huge; this type of lift shows just how crucial creating a single view of your customers really is. If a big time retailer can see this amount of growth, imagine how much growth a smaller player in the game, with more opportunities for innovation, can experience. And the fact is – without a unified view, those marketers who say they are lagging (refer to #2) will never complete their vision. We see success with our clients all the time as soon they start to get their data under one roof, and it’s great to see this strong of a proof point of just how powerful it is.

Kristine Lowery, Content Marketing Manager at Sailthru