"I don’t use the phrase ‘partner’ often when it comes to describing vendors, but with Sailthru, it’s what they truly are to us. The tech is strong, but the partnership is game-changing." Garrett Bewkes, Head Publisher
+387% increase in pageviews
per thousand emails sent
+142% increase in
clickthrough rates
+96% increase in
open rates


In early 2017, National Review brought on a new head publisher, Garrett Bewkes, to modernize the brand and overhaul any product that wasn’t ensuring the publication’s profitability — namely the email program. Our team took a deep dive into the brand’s audience and evaluated every email template, engagement metric, conversion rate and more to develop a series of recommendations. Together with the National Review team, we brought its email program from below benchmarks to overperforming on engagement goals.

  • Improve email engagement across all KPIs
  • Increase pageviews to grow advertising dollars
  • Decrease opt-outs
  • Become more strategic and data-driven



The Sailthru team presented strategic recommendations and tactical optimizations to National Review, our teams quickly got to work on transforming the email program. The roadmap of changes and tests took the coordination of multiple teams and resources. Here’s a look at the key milestones our teams work together to achieve with Sailthru’s strategic guidance:

  1. National Review transitioned to personalized and dynamically populated content in newsletters, as well as segmentation of lists based on engagement levels.
  2. All email templates were reformatted and optimized for engagement and pageview generation.
  3. Further personalization was implemented, using Sailthru’s proprietary Personalized Send Time feature, so each reader receives email when they are most likely to open and click.
  4. Using engagement data, send volume was able to decrease while maximizing engagement and decreasing opt-outs.


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