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5 Media Brands Winning At Personalized Marketing

Boston Consulting Group found that when retailers use personalized marketing, they see sales gains of 6% to 10%, two to three times higher than their competitors. Why? When interacting with their favorite brands, today’s customers expect a more personalized experience. Studies show that an incredible 79% of consumers now only engage with offers that are personalized based on their past interactions with the brand.

Personalized marketing is equally essential for modern media brands looking to gain an edge over their competitors. It can be challenging to implement and these brands have their own special considerations. For example, visitors to media sites are less concerned with getting promotional offers than retail shoppers. While 62% of them are happy to trade their data for a discount, Sailthru found that only 48% of media loyalists feel the same way.

However, 37% of media site users only want to view content that is tailored to their specific interests, and they appreciate being acknowledged for their loyalty. 

There are many different approaches you can take to personalize their marketing and reward their loyal readers. Feeling the need for some inspiration? Check out these five popular media brands that are excelling at personalized marketing.

Create Personalized Digital Experiences Like Spotify

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists consist of 30 songs customized to each user’s unique listening habits and music preferences. The playlist appears in the user’s account every Monday, and the songs reflect the type of music that the user played recently. Discover Weekly works by analyzing each user’s listening history and then finding similar tracks to compile into a unique playlist. By May 2016, more than 40 million people had used this service.

Develop Audience Profiles Like Business Insider

Business Insider has a winning strategy to personalize content recommendations for each reader. The company uses behavioral data to develop profiles of its readers, based on their previous interaction with Business Insider’s website and email campaigns. It then uses the information in these profiles to personalize email newsletters and onsite content recommendations to better engage readers. These efforts have paid off in a big way for Business Insider, increasing their clickthrough rates by 60%. Additionally, Business Insider boosted ad click rates in their email newsletters by 150%.

Remember Your Readers’ Birthdays Like Thrillist

Many brands and popular restaurant chains give their customers special offers and free food on their birthdays to help increase brand loyalty. Thrillist rewards readers by sending personalized emails on their birthdays, rounding up 83 of those restaurants. This is an effective personalized marketing strategy that taps into your readers’ desire to receive personalized content and to be acknowledged for their loyalty. And since everyone likes a birthday wish, this email but guarantees increased increased traffic.

Create Highly Personalized Emails Like Domino

Interior design company Domino has effectively implemented personalized email campaigns to keep readers engaged and encourage repeat visits. Domino sends new subscribers highly personalized, relevant and engaging onboarding emails. The series of emails varies depending on whether the user is a purchaser, non-purchaser or sweepstakes entrant, among other factors. As a result of their efforts, Domino improved open rates by 11% and increased clickthrough rates by 23%. This demonstrates how personalized onboarding email campaigns can greatly benefit media brands when done effectively.

Make Behavior-Based Recommendations Like Netflix

Netflix is another example of how media brands can effectively make content recommendations based on past user behavior. Netflix recommends films and TV shows based on the content they’ve watched, and even personalizes thumbnail images based on actors they’re familiar with. It’s important to note that Netflix doesn’t use age or gender in its recommendation system. Focusing instead on user behavior, the brand tailors content far more effectively. This AI-driven recommendation engine even helped Netflix recapture $1 billion in revenue in 2017.

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