"First party behavioral data is the foundation for the future of media monetization, and with Sailthru our teams are able to listen to, understand and engage in real time with our audiences like never before. Any media leader seeking to drive a consistent personalized product must know Sailthru." David Siegel, CEO
114% Increase in pageviews
from email YoY
81% Increase in sessions
from email YoY


Investopedia, an IAC company, is the world’s leading source of financial content on the web, with more than 20 million unique visitors each month. They offer content ranging from market news to retirement strategies to investing education. With Investopedia’s previous legacy email marketing provider, their teams faced significant strategy limitations, execution was largely manual and there was little to no visibility into the their email subscriber data. Investopedia chose Sailthru to achieve personalization and automation at scale, and began aligning teams across the company to implement and scale new approaches to engagement. Here were their goals:

  • Decrease time spent editing templates
  • Increase time focused on strategy
  • Optimize segmentation and personalization
  • Organize site content with better taxonomy and tagging structure
  • Increase accessibility of first-party audience data



Investopedia’s marketing, editorial, and data science teams worked with Sailthru to plan and implement a new strategy for content tagging that would allow for personalized content recommendations to be truly relevant to individual readers. Sailthru’s data collection capabilities enabled the Investopedia team to leverage a wide-range of data to improve the email experience for readers and increase email engagement and conversion. With Sailthru, Investopedia can now:

  1. Collect multiple forms of data including demographic, behavioral, interests, engagement level, predicted actions, device preferences
  2. Segment audiences based on interests and engagement levels
  3. Personalize content recommendations based on individual interests
  4. Deploy emails with a personalized email send time based on an individual’s engagement history
  5. Highlight the complete library, serving evergreen and new content to readers based on their unique interests
  6. Increase operational efficiencies with automation at scale


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