B2C Email Marketing

Increase Engagement and Conversion with Personalized Email Marketing Programs for B2C Companies

More than 65 billion marketing emails are sent every single day and growing all the time. This number is shocking reality that B2C marketers must contend with when trying to reach their customers in the inbox. The smartest B2C marketers today are the ones implementing strategies both in and out of the inbox to differentiate their offerings and create the best possible customer experience. Personalization is the leading strategy for how marketers can ensure audiences stay engaged from the point of acquisition, through the entire customer lifecycle.

Effective B2C email marketing requires a lot of different elements to exist in harmony with one another:

Email lists

Marketers need strong email lists. Most lists are grown from subscriptions or shopping cart histories. Aside from the need to grow this list, lists also need to be regularly maintained. A clean email list can largely improve delivery rates.


Gone are the days of sending the same exact email to every single email subscriber! With the vast trove of emails consumers receive on a daily basis, it’s critical for marketers to deliver content that is tailored to each consumer based on their behaviors and interests. Personalizing email content based on the profile of the user including purchase history, interests, etc. can drive more conversion and boost the ROI of any marketing program.


Email design is incredibly important, especially in B2C marketing. Users expect attractive, easy to navigate emails that help them perform actions. That means clear CTAs, eye-catching creative, and, of course, mobile-compatibility. A large percentage of users view emails via mobile now, which requires a suitable mobile email template for easy viewing and access.


With all these emails coming to a consumer every day, getting the timing right of your brand message is difficult. B2C marketers should heavily test which times of day are most effective at driving conversions and engagement. To take it a step further, there are Email Service Providers out there that can automate a personalized send time for every user, ensuring that messages are sent when they are most likely to be opened.


Brands must take measures to stay top of mind with users. This should involve diverse content in email marketing. Whether the message is to check out new offers, a weekly newsletter from your brand’s blog, announcing a new product launch, and so on, it’s essential to build a relationship of consistency.

To reach new email marketing heights, the B2C marketers who cover all of these areas with an expert touch are sure to win the long game in their email marketing efforts.

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