Automation Software

Advanced Automation Software for Cross-Channel Marketing and Personalization

Leading marketers know that transforming the customer experience is the key to competing and winning in today’s crowded online marketplace. Consumers know that brands collect massive troves of data on every single interaction; more and more consumers now expect brands to use that information to deliver more relevant, efficient experiences. But manually building rules for 1:1 marketing is not scalable – it’s far too time consuming and cost prohibitive. Today’s leading marketers are turning to marketing automation software to enable and scale 1:1 personalized experiences for every individual buyer.

Marketing automation software platforms help you create a truly unique customer experience that extends across multiple channels – email, onsite, mobile and social. Modern marketers are looking for newer, smarter ways to engage their ever-savvier consumers. Next generation marketing automation software makes this easier by:

  • Creating a single customer view for every individual consumer.
  • Moving beyond batch-and-blast campaigns to advanced segmentation and 1:1 marketing.
  • Deploying dynamic email, onsite, mobile and social messaging, where all elements are personalized (channel, content, message, promotions and calls-to-action).
  • Leveraging real-time automated reports and multi-dimensional analytics.
  • Predicting the future actions of every individual consumer (purchase, revenue, response).

By creating unique user profiles that are based on your individual customer’s multichannel behavior, interest, and purchase data with such automation software, you can now acquire and convert high value customers via any one of the marketing channels.

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