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Truly scale your marketing across multiple channels through the ability to automate your campaign delivery and personalization and deploy advanced trigger messaging.

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Sailthru’s entire platform is built for marketing efficiency. Before working with Sailthru, we were spending hours pulling together data on campaigns to determine what was or was not working.With Sailthru, all KPIs are at our fingertips, which means we’re spending less time looking back and more time looking forward. It’s what every technology promises, but Sailthru truly delivers.”

Brittany Agneta
Senior Manager, Ecommerce
& Marketing Technology


Spending less time on execution of day-to-day marketing campaigns


Sailthru has been built from the ground-up with tools that make the marketer’s life easier, giving you more time to focus on the strategies that can impact your business’ bottom line, rather than wasting time completing menial tactical execution. From automatically sending your daily marketing campaigns, to triggering transactional mail like purchase confirmations, or managing your customer journeys, Sailthru email automation solutions make it simple to identify which strategies can best be automated, so marketers can get one step ahead of their customers by delivering personalized and relevant content before a user’s expected time to conversion.


Lifecycle optimization for every individual


Sailthru marketing automation solutions enable marketers to manage and edit their customer journeys in a few clicks with a single, easy-to-use tool that helps marketers create customer journeys based on behavioral triggers and predicted behaviors. Customer flows can be created for the use cases that matter most to your business by specifying actions, wait times and checks for journeys that relate to onboarding new customers, post-purchase, re-engagement, and cart abandonment. The best part? If you want to edit the creative in your messages being sent with Lifecycle Optimizer, simply edit that template directly to make changes. No need to start or stop any customer journeys to update your creative!


Automating personalization at scale


To truly deliver on the promise of personalization marketers must deliver unique experiences for every customer across all channels at the right moment and with the right message. Using Sailthru, you can modernize campaign creation and experience management to always be one step ahead of your customers. By leveraging automated personalization at the individual level across key channels, marketers can scale their campaigns as their business grows and can dynamically adapt to every customer’s preferences and future actions.


Ability to execute cross-channel triggers


With the evolution of marketing automation continuing to take shape it’s now more important than ever to trigger messaging based on the behaviors of your consumers, including what and where your customers will interact with your brand. Sailthru helps you to manage and deliver these triggers automatically with simple tools to help you optimize your customer’s experience from acquisition to growth to retention.

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