Marketing Intelligence Meets Business Intelligence

Marketers can effectively understand the engagement and revenue impact of every marketing decision across email, onsite, and mobile from all accessible data sources without having to rely on receiving metrics from their Business Intelligence teams

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“The Retention Analytics platform that Sailthru has developed has allowed me to go from simply monitoring basic email metrics, to finding, analyzing and understanding crucial data points as well as areas of concern and opportunity within our entire email program.”

Bruce Hammonds
VP User & Marketing

Determine the Longtail Impact of Your Marketing Strategies

With a multi-dimensional data cube for long-term analysis of customer cohorts, marketers are given the tools to understand the downstream revenue impact of all their business decisions through succinct visualizations.

Customizable For Your Business Needs

Retention Analytics provides both out-of-the-box reports and the ability to create your own customizable dashboard so you can get to the metrics that matter most to your business.

Continually Test and Transform

Identify the best combination of email tactics to drive long-term engagement and conversion through measurement of trigger and email streams over time.

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