Predictions for Every Individual

Get ahead of your customers using out-of-the-box, real-time, machine learning predictions to determine when, where, and how an individual customer will engage with your brand. Unlike competitive point solutions, Prediction Manager is built natively into the Sailthru platform for easier setup and management across email, mobile, and web


“It can take months if not years to identify the most effective way to segment existing customers to deliver long-term value. With Sailthru, we can automate insights development and the results have exceeded our top performing segments.

Josh Gray
Director of Acquisition Marketing

Always be one step ahead of your customers

Out-of-the-Box Actionable Machine Learning Predictions

Leverage highly accurate predictions based on machine learning of broad sets of data in tune with each individual to drive customer loyalty and revenue.

Up-to-Date Omni-Channel Predictions

Pulling daily from broad sets of omni-channel data, typically 100’s of data points per user and billions per organization, marketers can rest easy knowing that Sailthru’s predictions are powered by the most up-to-date and relevant data on their users.

Built Natively in the Sailthru Platform

With no reliance on third-party technologies to drive your predictions, marketers can leverage Prediction Manager across the Sailthru platform, including within your email and site personalization objectives with Site Personalization Manager, and even within your customer journey workflows to automate your data-driven insights.

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