Largest Sender of Personalized Email in the World

As the largest sender of personalized email in the world and the 2016 winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight for personalized marketing at scale, Sailthru empowers digital retailers and publishers to deliver dynamic, 1:1 email that result in short-term conversions and long-term revenue growth


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several email marketing service providers and Sailthru has been the first company that has been a true partner to us.”

Monica Deretich

VP of Marketing & CRM

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    Increase in active buyers

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    increase in email revenue using personalized product recommendations

Target and reach customers with highly personalized emails at the moment they’re ready to engage

  • 1Dynamic subject line based on top products
  • 2Personalized Send Time: Send email at the time most likely to open
  • 3Editor selected product, picked specifically for newsletter
  • 4Personalized product recommendations based on interests of the shopper
  • 5Dynamic personalized content based on Sailthru customer profile



Personalized Email Marketing Automation & Recommendations

Taking from a wide range of personalization and predictive algorithms along with Sailthru’s automated data science products, gain the ability to uniquely engage each and every individual customer with personalized email send times, subject lines, content, product recommendations and more at scale. The best part? The marketer still maintains full control over the type of content being delivered to their customer’s inbox—mixing personalized content with editorially curated content.

Leverage Market-Leading Customer Profiles

Using data from every channel to power relevant, real-time email content, Sailthru collects customer data on behaviors, interests, purchases, engagement level, predicted actions, devices and browsers used to fuel dynamic 1:1 personalization and recommendations with your email marketing messages.

Activate Dynamic Audiences

The Sailthru Email Manager allows you to tap into all the data from Sailthru’s customer profile to easily create audiences that update dynamically based on real-time interactions with your brand. With those dynamic audiences reaching new customers with messages specific to onboarding, re-engage lapsed buyers, target customers predicted to purchase in the next 24 hours, announce new products to those with high interest in target categories personalized content with editorially curated content.

increase in
email revenue

increase in
incremental revenue

Transcend the Customer Journey

Our Email Manager allows you to control the customer journey and dynamically adapt to every individual’s preferences and predicted future actions.  Craft a welcome series, post-purchase communications, or a win-back campaign with an integrated and easy-to-use tool for modernizing campaign creation and experience management.

Easily Create & Test Campaigns

Leverage Sailthru’s best-in-class testing A/B split testing to optimize creative, subject lines, calls-to-action, personalization and other email components. Once your campaign is complete, effortlessly measure long-term impact to revenue, customer lifetime value, and other metrics through cohort analysis and predictions.


increase in email
click through rates

increase in email
ad click rates

Land in the Inbox

Track subscriber engagement, identify real-time issues and mitigate risks, along with managing sender authentication with Sailthru’s industry-leading deliverability team.

Elevate Your Email Marketing Automation Strategy

Sailthru’s Customer Success team is committed to understanding your business’ specific goals in an effort to help provide timely expertise in meeting your short-term conversion goals that lead to long-term gains.

Say “hello” to effective email marketing automation.

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