We all know Santa’s got his list. But do you have yours? Most retailers, after all, greet a slew of new shoppers during the holiday season — but they don’t necessarily do their utmost to convert those newcomers into the loyal customers who can provide steady profitability all year long. Maybe this isn’t how Santa sees it, but as far as we’re concerned, the “naughty” are the one-and-dones who buy on deep discount, and the “nice” are the shoppers who stick with your brand and help power steady profitability year round.

And your list? Simple. Your checklist is below–Six things you can do to convert the naughty into the nice, and make the most of the holiday shopping season. We go into more detail in our recently-released Holiday Playbook, but marketers should start by:

  • Optimizing the mobile experience: We’ve got a wave of late-adopting mobile users coming online this holiday season, and they’re ready to buy if marketers are ready to sell to them. Last year, shopping from mobile devices jumped 59% over the holiday season, and more searches were initiated from a smartphone or tablet than from a desktop.
  • Rescuing abandoned shopping carts: Abandoned shopping carts are vexing to almost every online retailer, but you don’t have to go broke offering crazy discounts to clear out those carts and get shoppers to buy.
  • Diversifying discounts: Offering ever-cheaper merchandise isn’t good for retailers, and it may not be what every customer prizes the most, either. Use these tactics to understand which offers and premiums are most attractive to which customers, then deploy them strategically. Our guide outlines all the different kinds of discounts to test.
  • Recalibrating personalization strategies: Personalization is the key to creating long-term value from holiday shoppers, but retailers have to be extra clever about how they personalize over the holidays. It’s the one time of year when people are more likely to be buying for someone else (although they will still spend on themselves), so the strategy that worked wonders for you in June might need some tweaking to be equally effective in December.
  • Streamlining checkout pages: If you want those new shoppers to buy – and to come back – don’t get in their way once they’re ready to make a purchase. Make the checkout process as simple as possible, and make sure you get customers’ email addresses right upfront – just in case something does go wrong.
  • Creating repeat customers: Treat those first-timers right, and they’ll come back again and again. You can offer points, premiums, or leveling-up to get them into your loyalty program, or make them feel special with free shipping or other perks.

Remember, the holiday season provides a brilliant opportunity to convert new customers and encourage them to create long-term value for your brand. Make the most of these strategies, and your New Year will be extra festive.