Sailthru will be at the  OMMA Data and Targeting conference today, where the main topic of discussion is, of course, Big Data. Industry innovations and new tools will be presented, but perhaps more importantly, how to make sense of and act on the data you collect. So how do you sort and organize? This got us thinking about the targeting tools Sailthru provides to help translate data into measurable actions across different channels, improving both the relevance and efficiency of an online marketing campaign.

So for those of you unfamiliar with the Sailthru way to organize those mountains of data, here are the highlights:

At Marigold Engage by Sailthru, we help companies understand their customers through the user profile. A user profile includes all the information that a user has shared with a brand – likes, dislikes based on clicks and opens, purchases, what times a user prefers receiving communications and on which channel. For a comprehensive overview on any given user you can run a user lookup through the Sailthru interface. In this report you can obtain insight on your users and customize from there.

Some of our faves are:

  • Segment lists simply by using any custom variable, open/CTR metric, engagement, purchases, or geo-location profile object to build a segment according to the values which are designated.


  • Personalize content by implementing Horizon tags to cater content to your subscriber’s individual interests. Alternatively you can use the replacement variables you designate to insert select pieces of content into your emails.


  • Build custom snapshot reports of your profile and list data with the Query Builder to better understand the performance and behaviors of custom demographic groups within your subscriber base.

Serving relevant content to your users by personalizing your communications through better data segmentation and consumption will not only make your subscribers happy, but will return a higher ROI for both your marketing efforts and user retention.