Twitter cards are a compelling way to help your social media accounts become revenue-generating machines. These cards are all awesome strategies for using the tool, from simple product pushes to event RSVPs to collection launches. Even better than Twitter cards alone? An integration with your CRM, email, or omnichannel platform — like we have at Sailthru — so you can track accurate customer attribution (and market better to them later.) 

Marketing on Twitter?  You may want to consider using Twitter cards.  Twitter cards allow users to showcase media-rich tweets that expand to reveal more information and visuals.  Technically, Twitter cards have been around since 2012 but in the last several months the feature has improved dramatically, now offering marketers 8 different cardswith varying functionality.  The cards seem to be especially useful for e-commerce companies and brands that regularly produce a lot of content.

What brands are doing the best job of using Twitter Cards?  Here’s a round-up, in no particular order, of 4 brands rocking Twitter Cards to increase clicks, RTs, leads and more.

1. Bonobos: The brand does a great job using player cards to embed videos about product launches, events and thought leadership.

The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards image bonobos3 442x600

2. ModCloth: Product cards are this online retailer’s best friend.  And for good reason; they are doubling many brands’ click-through-rates.

The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards image modcloth3 573x600

3. Monster: Earlier this month, Monster announced they would be using Twitter Cards as branded recruitment ads to boost clients’ visibility with potential employees.

The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards image monster53 538x600

4. Burberry: In addition to using Twitter Cards for video, photos and product launches, the luxury brand recently added an innovative calendar sync feature that allows users to subscribe to their brand’s calendar and stay engaged.

The Top Brands Using Twitter Cards image burberry3 471x600

Want even more information about social media marketing?  Download this 2014 guide to social media best practices.

Note: This post originally appeared on the Flightpath blog.