Best-of-breed or end-to-end? This has long been a decision lined with trade offs that marketers must weigh when building out their commerce stacks. You want your fulfillment data to talk to your marketing automation platform, and your onsite product recommendations to match your inventory. This means putting all of your eggs in a single basket with a large commerce platform, or working through painful hours of integrations and development costs with your systems integrators to get providers to talk to one another.

Enter Tacit Knowledge and ncommerce. Tacit’s “self driving” commerce approach is delivering on the need for an end-to-end commerce solution, without sacrificing the value a retailer gets from buying best-of-breed. Tacit’s new ncommerce solution combines the best, proven technology for retail environments into a single platform that simplifies ecommerce and allows retailers to focus on building their business rather than their technology.

Market Challenges

Many large commerce platforms have dipped their toes into the martech space in an attempt to bridge commerce platforms with marketing automation and deliver on the experience customers crave. It sounds logical right? An ecomm platform houses first party customer and product information, and should therefore be able to understand a customer’s interests and behaviors in order to properly market to them and drive conversions.

But as we all know, that vision is far from reality. Data doesn’t flow as readily as needed as the integrations on the cloud side aren’t really what they need to be and the customer experience suffers. Worse yet, these tools only enable a dive into the metrics of today, not into long-term customer lifetime value. They focus on driving engagement and revenue today. They emphasize multivariate testing to drive conversions and sales today. They offer browse abandonment to drive a transaction now. Marketers at the highest performing retail brands are focused on driving long-term value and profitable growth; modern tools are needed for this form of management and measurement.  

The Best of Both Worlds

Tacit Knowledge is one of the world’s foremost digital consultancies that specializes in scaling ecommerce. Their team offers fully managed solutions for retailers, consulting on technology acquisition and integration, and even custom software development.

Tacit’s ncommerce is a pre-integrated package of multiple technologies that offers retailers the ability to quickly deploy technology from the most trusted and innovative companies in a stable, modern and infinitely scalable platform from one vendor, and with one contract. Through carefully curated partnerships and road-tested integrations of leading technologies, ncommerce offers retailers a pre-built best-of-both worlds solution; one that combines a world-class commerce foundation and access to best in class point solutions and platforms.

With ncommerce, multiple products can be implemented in nearly half the time and at 30 percent less than the cost of a typical ecommerce platform deployment that requires custom integrations. At its core, ncommerce is built on world-class ecommerce software from SAP Hybris, and deployed on Google Cloud Platform. In addition to market leaders Fastly, CyberSource, and New Relic, Tacit has chosen Sailthru as ncommerce’s prebuilt retention marketing platform.

Marigold Engage by Sailthru, proud to partner with Tacit on this initiative. Having integrated Marigold Engage by Sailthru’s Customer Retention Cloud directly into ncommerce, retailers can more rapidly increase profitable growth by creating long-lasting, valuable connections with their customers. We believe that in our digital world, human connections matter more than ever, and we are proud to share Tacit’s commitment to furthering the success of those leading digital commerce.

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— Amy Reams, Sr. Director of Alliances