Press Day With InsideHook And Rob Lowe

Who is InsideHook?

InsideHook is a premiere lifestyle brand tailoring content and experiences for the sophisticated urban male in their 30s, 40s and up. As Jonathan Keidan, InsideHook’s co-founder explains, “There were amazing things to do that were right under our noses [in NY] but no one was finding them for us.” Out of that idea, InsideHook was born as a daily email to connect busy, successful post-20s guys with the most unique and exciting experiences their city has to offer.

Since launching in May 2012, has grown faster to date than any of its peers, and created unique campaigns, including “Man of the Month” and offline activations for well-known brands like Audi, Lexus, Citi, Glenlivet, Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

What’s the secret to InsideHook’s success?

“We have an incredible editorial team. Every word matters, not just to convey the right intent but to connect with our readers and target audience,” says Nick Michlewicz, co-founder and COO of InsideHook. “We focus on quality at all times and people respond to that and keep coming back.” Michlewicz attests that while InsideHook is one of the fastest growing publications in its class resulting in high engagement and open rates, their success is a result of their focus on the reader and their mission “to provide the most unique and rarefied content. If every interaction [with InsideHook] is interesting and exciting to the reader, then they will always get something out of it.”

So how does InsideHook curate such amazing content?

With vibrant cities to choose local recommendations from (including NY, LA and soon SF and Chicago), a stellar editorial team, and curation partners including Ed Burns and Rob Lowe there is no shortage of quality content. InsideHook also listens to their readers by measuring the level of engagement with specific content and events allowing them to curate even more targeted content to their readers and predict future trends. InsideHook relies on Sailthru to power their content recommendation engine and deliver the most relevant news and offers to their readership.

What’s next for InsideHook?

Continuing to bring readers insider access to the rare and exclusive experiences whether it’s food, culture, travel, style or play earned InsideHook a nomination for this year’s Webby awards in the best email newsletters category. InsideHook just recently launched their LA outpost with curation partner and Los Angeles native, Rob Lowe and plan to open InsideHook outposts in SF and Chicago in the coming months.

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