Establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customers is the height of marketing success. But achieving it is complex. Signals 2022 is a four-day online conference created for marketers and audience growth specialists. Themed around the four pillars of relationship marketing – acquisition, engagement, personalization and retention, each 30-minute session will deliver success stories and best practices from industry experts who represent some of the world’s most respected brands. 

Some of the sessions we are particularly excited about are on acquisition: 

Cheetah Digital’s Vice President of Client Success, Nick Watson, will host a conversation about Zero-Party Data: The What, Why and How to Use it Effectively. Learn how to collect this vital information creatively through polls, quizzes and surveys and then use it to create a meaningful value exchange with your customers. Watch now.

Also, there will be a conversation with Gayle Gunning, the CRM director of one of Ireland’s leading online gifting services, Smartbox. In How Smartbox Engaged and Delighted Their Audiences with Cheetah Experiences, Gunning explains how the brand doubled the size of its active audience by offering seasonally-themed spin-to-win games, contests and interactive digital advent calendars that kept shoppers engaged and returning daily. Watch now.

You will not want to miss Ray Wang’s discussion, The ROI on Relationship Marketing: An Analyst POV. As the Principal Analyst & Founder of Constellation Research, Wang explains how agile technology allows marketers to meet customers where they are, and shares examples of actual stats and lifts in revenue figures generated from a relationship marketing strategy. Watch now.

For marketers interested in the second pillar of relationship marketing, engagement, Kim Turano of jewelry brand, Brilliant Earth, will discuss How Brilliant Earth Uses Data to Grow its Fine Jewelry Sales. Learn how their ‘drop a hint’ program paired with well-honed triggered email campaigns have converted scores of one-time purchasers into loyal, returning customers who are no longer focused solely on engagement ring purchases. Watch now.

Retention is in the spotlight for the latter portion of the Signals sessions. In How a Whiskey Spirits Club Increased Efficiency and Customer Acquisition with Personalization, Tea Guzman, head CRM of Flaviar and Caskers, describes how customized content and automation have made the shopping experience easier for their customers who consequently spend more money with the brand. Watch now.

Featuring 25 webinars that you can watch in real time or on your own time, Signals 2022 is not to be missed. Check out the entire list of sessions featuring conversations with marketers and experts from PepsiCo, Magnolia Bakery, The Atlantic, Forrester Research, The CDP Institute, Loyalty360 and many more.