When Sailthru was acquired nearly two years ago by Marigold, we knew that our future would be bright. Since that announcement, we have received significant investment to augment our engineering, technology operations, and product teams to further increase our speed of innovation. Our customers are experiencing all of the benefits of those investments today; Sailthru has never been more robust in our capabilities or easier to use.

Today marks another milestone for Marigold. We are proud to announce that Selligent Marketing Cloud is joining the family. The entire team at Marigold Engage by Sailthru, excited to see the growth and evolution that will be made possible for Selligent as Marigold invests into its people, processes, and technology.

Together, We Lead.

While Selligent is joining the Marigold family, nothing day-to-day will change for Sailthru customers: You will continue to receive the same amazing customer service, and our product roadmap will remain dedicated to meeting your specific needs.

The only impact for our customers is how you will gain from Selligent joining Marigold as our global team, especially in Europe and the U.K., grows by hundreds of employees. These are among the best and brightest in multichannel marketing automation. While our teams and products will remain distinct, the learnings that we can share across our customer bases will be significant, and will contribute to the speed at which both organizations can advance each product and the market-leading strategies we deliver to our respective customers.

With the addition of Selligent Marketing Cloud, Marigold now has 70,000+ customers and more than 1,000 employees. This is a big turning point for our company in terms of global service, and we’re excited to work with the Selligent team as, together with our family of brands, we facilitate billions of revenue-generating connections worldwide.

About Selligent

Selligent has a history that goes back more than three decades, and their team has always focused on the businesses they serve—helping consumer-facing brands elevate their customer experience.

Through the years, Selligent’s technology has evolved, and now Selligent is a leader in AI-based cross-channel campaign management for enterprise and mid-market organizations across a wide-range of industries, such as financial services, travel and hospitality, and entertainment. Because all Marigold brands deeply value personalization and support, we know Selligent will be a wonderful addition to our team.

Learn more by reading our press release here.