From Analytics to Platform Enhancements: A Complete Guide to Sailthru’s Upcoming Webinars

Last year, TrustRadius named Sailthru one of the Top Rated Email Marketing Software providers, an accolade based on our positive customer reviews. The reviewers praised our features, support, documentation, ease of use and personalization capabilities. So it goes without saying that we know a thing or two about email deliverability.

Our next webinar covers user data, and how to understand it. After that, we have plenty of other webinars coming up.

Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect to see from us through the next few weeks:

Tuesday, April 7: Analytics

Our reporting encompasses interest and activity data, which our customers can view and export to better understand their audience.

There’s a lot to unpack, so we’re doing a whole webinar about user data (user profiles, lists and snapshots, for example) and how to use our reporting tools to understand it. We’ll be sure to include reporting for completed campaign and transactional messages, and real-time reporting on pageview and revenue performance.

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Thursday, April 9: Lifecycle Optimizer

Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer automates individualized messages to users across channels using insights and predictions from our User Profiles. This is how our customers use our platform to create timely, user-specific communications for their customers.

How do you create a flow within Lifecycle Optimizer and what other actions can you take? How can you create a truly unique customer journey for every user? We’ll answer those questions and more.

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Tuesday, April 14: Content & Feeds

The Sailthru Content Library is your repository of articles and products, which you can recommend to your audience with customizable data feeds. How can you add onsite content and then how do you match it to the right users? What about building a data feed and customizing it in Recommendation Manager? We’ll answer all those questions and more.

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Thursday, April 16: Sailthru’s Quarterly Enhancements

As we begin a new quarter, Sailthru’s Senior Director of Product David Studinski will walk you through an in-depth review of the previous one. During this season, you’ll learn about the newest product updates and how they can benefit you, and preview what’s to come.

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2019 Retail Personalization Index

Personalization is a must for modern retailers, helping increase sales by 6 to 10%, two to three times higher than their non-personalizing competitors. But what constitutes a personalization pro? For the third time, Sailthru set out to answer that question, evaluating 250 retailers on their website, mobile, email and in-store personalization, and how they all work together to deliver a seamless customer experience.

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