From Email Metrics to Site Personalization: A Complete Guide to Sailthru’s Upcoming Webinars

Last year, TrustRadius named Sailthru one of the Top Rated Email Marketing Software providers, an accolade based on our positive customer reviews. The reviewers praised our features, support, documentation, ease of use and personalization capabilities. So it goes without saying that we know a thing or two about email deliverability.

We’ve got an upcoming webinar about deliverability, and the policies, products and regulations every email marketer needs to know in order to ensure their communications reach their customers. We also have a lot of other webinars coming up.

Here’s a synopsis of what you can expect to see from us through the rest of the year:

Thursday, October 31: Prediction Manager

Prediction Manager offers a series of user-level predictions of future behavior to tailor products and content to users based on their predicted values. But in order to really leverage this feature, you have to know who your most valuable users are in the first place.

Attend this webinar and learn how to find them, and how to use this feature with Facebook Lookalike Audiences to maximize ROI.

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Tuesday, November 5: UI Walkthrough

Sailthru enables you to seamlessly build and automate your lists, transactional and campaign emails. And we do so while providing robust analytics and reporting options. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to make the most of it all.

We’ll cover the different kinds of lists and how to build them, as well as how to create transactional and promotional emails. We’ll also go over our various reports for tracking list and email performance.

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Thursday, November 7: Sailthru Mobile

Sailthru Mobile is a marketing automation platform built to engage mobile app audiences with highly targeted and personalized communications. In this webinar, we’ll teach you how to make the most of it, from building audiences to sending them the most relevant push notifications and in-app messages.

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Tuesday, November 12: Lists

Sailthru uses lists to maintain segments of your user base. That helps you keep track of them and message them across various channels.

With this webinar, we’ll also help you tell the difference between Natural and Smart Lists for sending, and Primary and Secondary Lists for reporting. The creation and reporting of lists will also be covered.

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Thursday, November 14: Driving Email Metrics that Matter

Two-thirds of marketers focus on open rate as the primary metric for email performance analysis. However, the metrics beneath the surface are where the real revenue gains lie.

We’ve uncovered a dozen metrics that really matter and how marketers can leverage them to drive immediate impact. We’ll give you a hint: clicks are one of the 12.

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Tuesday, November 19: Audience Builder

Sailthru’s Audience Builder tool allows marketers to harness the wealth of data across user profiles. That information fuels lists and reports, but it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why this webinar breaks down the feature, explaining the difference between Natural Lists and dynamic Smart Lists, and how to run a Snapshot Report for granular list reporting.

We’ll also go over some popular use cases — including gelocation, purchase, custom and email filters — for both ecommerce and media companies.

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Thursday, November 21: Zephyr

The driver of our signature personalization capabilities, Zephyr is Sailthru’s sophisticated templating logic. This webinar is all about making sure you can use it to its full potential.

Using user data and interest data, Zephyr is able to recommend content and products to your users. We’ll explain how it works, along with best practices for utilizing it both in email and onsite, and in conjunction with a data feed for dynamic emails.

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Tuesday, December 3: Templates

Housing all necessary code and content, templates serve as the base for your marketing emails. However, that’s where the universal commonalities end, as there are many varieties. Campaign templates send emails to large numbers of people; think newsletters and mass notifications. On the other hand, triggered messages are for more one-to-one communications based on the actions of individuals, such as abandoning an online shopping cart.

We’re going to teach you how to build beautiful, codeless email with Email Composer, and how to create advanced templates using standard HTML, CSS and Zephyr with HTML. We’ll also cover how data feeds are used in a template for dynamic content.

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Thursday, December 5: Campaigns

From special offers to daily newsletters, campaign sends cover a lot of ground. These mass mail messages are used for bulk messaging a segment of your users, and this webinar is all about making the most of them, covering regular and recurring campaigns, and how to report on their performance in our analytics suite. We’ll also go over A/B Test campaigns, the different types and when to use them.


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Monday, December 9: Analytics

Our reporting encompasses interest and activity data, which our customers can view and export to better understand their audience.

There’s a lot to unpack, so we’re doing a whole webinar about user data (user profiles, lists and snapshots, for example) and how to use our reporting tools to understand it. We’ll be sure to include reporting for completed campaign and transactional messages, and real-time reporting on pageview and revenue performance.

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Thursday, December 12: Lifecycle Optimizer

Sailthru’s Lifecycle Optimizer automates individualized messages to users across channels using insights and predictions from our User Profiles. This is how our customers use our platform to create timely, user-specific communications for their customers.

How do you create a flow within Lifecycle Optimizer and what other actions can you take? How can you create a truly unique customer journey for every user? We’ll answer those questions and more.

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Tuesday, December 17: Content & Feeds

The Sailthru Content Library is your repository of articles and products, which you can recommend to your audience with customizable data feeds. How can you add onsite content and then how do you match it to the right users? What about building a data feed and customizing it in Recommendation Manager? We’ll answer all those questions and more.

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Thursday, December 19: Sailthru Onsite

Using the power of our user profiles, Sailthru Onsite enables you to personalize both content recommendations and overlays to create unique customer experiences on your website. In this webinar, a new one to our rotation, we’ll explain how this works. We’ll take it a step further and break down how you can target non-subscribers with easy user acquisition.

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2019 Retail Personalization Index

Personalization is a must for modern retailers, helping increase sales by 6 to 10%, two to three times higher than their non-personalizing competitors. But what constitutes a personalization pro? For the third time, Sailthru set out to answer that question, evaluating 250 retailers on their website, mobile, email and in-store personalization, and how they all work together to deliver a seamless customer experience.